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SMEs –from idea to export

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SMEs –from idea to export - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SMEs –from idea to export. Östen Ekengren Swedish Environmental Research Institute Stockholm Cleantech EUCETSA EBTC-India SEC-CHINA . From concept to exports. Packaging and business development SP 3. Incubator SP 5. Investment SP 6. Export SP 4.

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smes from idea to export
SMEs –from idea to export

Östen Ekengren

Swedish Environmental Research Institute

Stockholm Cleantech




from concept to exports
From concept to exports

Packaging and business development

SP 3


SP 5


SP 6


SP 4

Development SP 1 & 2

Technical visits

SP 7

13th European Forum on Eco-innovation

global water stress 2011
Global Water Stress 2011

13th European Forum on Eco-innovation

what we want a production facility to be developed in a demosite
What we want: A production facilityTo be developed in a Demosite


  • Waste as a resource
  • Net energy production
  • Nutrients recovery/reuse
  • Improvedtreatment (P,N

Pharmaceutical residues)

  • Water reuse

Energy out

Nutrients out



Wastewater in

13th European Forum on Eco-innovation


An export increasewith 3 times, fiveyearsafter finalised project.

  • Increasedamountofemployees – at least 3000 –mostlyhighereducationneeded
  • Increasedcommercializationbased on patent and new industries
  • Focused R&D and educationofworldclass.
  • SWIC- a demonstration plant ofworldclass.
  • Effecient innovation chainwith a ”locomotive” company

13th European Forum on Eco-innovation


Morethanwell-developedtechnology is neededtosellefficiently.

  • Problem areas for small companiesinclude:
    • business finance - especiallyfirst installation
    • customersdemanding solutions exceeding the capacityof the product
  • New business models and co-operation affordmoreopportunities

13th European Forum on Eco-innovation


Project CHP P7

    • Production electricity/heat – 7 / 23 MW
      • Based on biomass and waste – 80 000 ton
      • New environmental permit 2006
      • BE take over January 2009
      • Calculated investment 55 million Euro
      • Construct/build by 6 main contracts/entrepreneurs

13th European Forum on Eco-innovation

why ebtc
  • European Service Provider – EBTC is working with European organisations, bilateral Chambers of Commerce and Embassies to leverage existing efforts and build synergies.
  • Global Europe Strategy – EBTC in India is part of the EU’s strategy to enhance Europe’s competitiveness in a globalised market.
  • Knowledge of the Indian Market – EBTC publishes periodic studies and reports on the Indian market scenario and has the practical know-how in all aspects of doing business in India.
  • Technical Expertise – EBTC has experts working in the focus sectors of Biotechnology, Energy, Environment and Transport.
  • Network – EBTC is well connected with government organisations, R&D institutes, private companies, financial institutions and industry associations across India.
  • Geographical Coverage – With headquarters in New Delhi and regional offices in Kolkata, Mumbai and Bangalore, EBTC’s network stretches across India.

13th European Forum on Eco-innovation

guiding european businesses to india
Guiding European Businesses to India

Step 1

Market Insight

  • Guidance on doing business in India
  • Information on regulatory framework
  • Information on market access barriers
  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)- Help desk
  • Focused market reports

Step 2

Market Access Roadmap

  • Screening of projects in India at national or state level
  • Identification of potential business partners
  • Design of market entry strategy
  • Customised market intelligence

Step 3

Market Strategy Implementation

  • Proactive incubation services to acclimatise with minimum risk and costs
  • Hands-on-support in bidding for projects
  • Assistance in finalising pilot projects
  • Liaising with government and financial institutions

EBTC services: taking European companies from the point of considering the Indian market to implementing their projects

13th European Forum on Eco-innovation


Global demand driven research and dissemination.

  • Financing. Early stages and first installation. More life cycle cost driven approaches.
  • Demonstration sites boost the interest from academia, applied researchers, SMEs , largecompanies , investors and the customers.
  • Memberofone or morenetworkmore and moreimportant.
  • Governments (legislation, labelling, BAT, standards) and politicalleadershipshouldpromote the sustainableinfrastructureinvestmentsin developingcountries.
  • SMEs and largecompanies from different countriescanbettercompete on the world market whenthey co-operate.
  • Europeancountrieswill be moreresourceefficientifwe co-operate in the export to the BRIC countries. (No business withoutfinding the customer)
  • Establishstrategic research co-operation with BRIC countries.

13th European Forum on Eco-innovation