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Academic Entrepreneurship

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Academic Entrepreneurship - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Academic Entrepreneurship
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  1. AcademicEntrepreneurship PhD MSc Adam Becht Chair of Management Systems and innowations IFE 2010

  2. ?

  3. Project background During the project participants will: • Use real life approach to problem defining and solving • Use holistic approach • Integrate interdisciplinary knowledge

  4. Goals of the project • Discover and define individual interests • Release creativeness and focus it on individual and group entrepreneurship • Form strategic approach • Learn organised approach in solving practical problems • Integrate technical knowledge,management and economics

  5. Think Tank Ideas verification and development Sourcesofideas, Ideasgeneration Project work on idea development Commercial Implementation Way of working Ideas finding / generation and selection, • Search for new ideas with commercial potential, • Creative thinking methods to generate ideas, • Idea development and initial assessment in Think Tank, • Project definition and kick off (scope of work definition) Technical feasibility study: • Team building • Project workout • Technical aspects of idea development • Organization and operational model definition Financial analysis: • Cash flow analysis, • Ratio analysis, • Project presentation and negotiation with potential investors.

  6. Additional Benefits Best projects aligned with “academic entrepreneurship strategy” may be financed from Ministry of Science grants

  7. Learning outcomes, expected results Students will build their competences in: • generating, selecting and developing business initiatives, • project management, • ideas commercialization, • negotiation skills, • entrepreneurship and leadership features. Students participating in EPS will learn: • to provide the technical feasibility study, • to make financial analysis, • to present outcomes of own work in convincing manner, • to combine and manage different aspects of business development Students will learn entrepreneur skills and attitude. Build team work and project work. Develop negotiation and business skills. Fully successful projects shall be concluded with commercial implementation

  8. Business Process Management PhD MSc Adam Becht

  9. Way of working Project setup: • Project definition and kick off (scope of work definition), • Team building, • Project workout, • BPM methodology. Business Process Management: • Process mapping, • Process optimization, • Project management issues.

  10. BPM • Project is based on Business Process Management exercise, selection of process which needs to be enhanced. • Main goal of the project is to map the business processes within the company, find the most crucial ones, select the pilot process and organise the improvement program. • Students are selecting process to be improved using scientific approach tosoleve the practical managerial problem

  11. Learning outcomes Students will build their competences in: • Business Process Management, • Project management, Students participating in EPS will learn: • to provide the process mapping, • Process optimization, • Process standardization, • to present outcomes of own work in convincing manner

  12. Ideas from previous projects

  13. Gasoline vs. Ethanol (source: Novozyme Co) • Ethanol more profitable than gasoline in the year 2015; • Difficult to reach 2012 with this difference. $3 Gasoline price $2,45 $2,55

  14. Thank you for the attention Questions?