wordlist 32 the minnesota starvation experiment n.
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Wordlist 32 The Minnesota Starvation Experiment PowerPoint Presentation
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Wordlist 32 The Minnesota Starvation Experiment

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Wordlist 32 The Minnesota Starvation Experiment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wordlist 32 The Minnesota Starvation Experiment. 1. Brochure (n.) Definition : a type of small magazine that contains pictures and information on a product or a company Synonym: pamphlet, booklet Example: a travel brochure Word Family:. 2. Charity (n .)

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Presentation Transcript

1. Brochure (n.)

Definition:a type of small magazine that contains pictures and information on a product or a company

Synonym: pamphlet, booklet

Example: a travel brochure

Word Family:


2. Charity (n.)

Definition: a system of giving money, food, or help free to those who are in need because they are ill, poor, or have no home, or any organization that has the purpose of providing money or helping in this way

Synonym: welfare

Example: She does a lot of work for charity.

Word Family:

char·i·ty·less, adjective

o·ver·char·i·ty, noun

pro·char·i·ty, adjective


3. Committed (adj.)

Definition:loyal and willing to give your time and energy to something that you believe in

Synonym: devoted, dedicated

Example: a committed socialist/Christian/teacher

Word Family:

com·mit·ta·ble, adjective

com·mit·ter, noun

non·com·mit·ted, adjective

pre·com·mit, verb (used with object), pre·com·mit·ted, pre·com·mit·ting.

self-com·mit·ting, adjective


4. Conscientious (adj.)

Definition:putting a lot of effort into your work

Synonym: diligent, attentive, studious

Example: a conscientious student

Word Family:

con·sci·en·tious·ly, adverb

con·sci·en·tious·ness, noun

hy·per·con·sci·en·tious, adjective

hy·per·con·sci·en·tious·ly, adverb

hy·per·con·sci·en·tious·ness, noun


5. Dim (adj.)

Definition:not giving or having much light

Synonym: faint, weak

Example: The lamp gave out a dim light.

Word Family:

dim·ly, adverb

dim·ma·ble, adjective

dim·ness, noun

un·dim, adjective

un·dim·ly, adverb


6. Embark (v.)

Definition:to start an enterprise, business

Synonym: begin, start

Example: He was ready to embark on a new career.

Word Family:

re·em·bark, verb


7. Gruelling (adj.)

Definition: extremely tiring and difficult, and demanding great effort and determination

Synonym: tiring, demanding

Example: Junior doctors often have to work a gruelling 100-hour week.

Word Family:

gru·el·ing·ly, adverb


8. Intolerant (adj.)

Definition: disapproving of or refusing to accept ideas or ways of behaving that are different from your own

Synonym: narrow-minded, biased

Example: She can be very intolerant of students who don't understand what she's talking about.

Word Family:

in·tol·er·ant·ly, adverb

qua·si-in·tol·er·ant, adjective

qua·si-in·tol·er·ant·ly, adverb


9. Introverted (adj.)

Definition: someone who is shy, quiet, and unable to make friends easily

Synonym: coy, shy

Example: He is an introverted and thoughtful person.

Word Family:

non·in·tro·vert·ed, adjective

non·in·tro·vert·ed·ly, adverb

non·in·tro·vert·ed·ness, noun

un·in·tro·vert·ed, adjective


10. Irritable (adj.)

Definition: becoming annoyed very easily

Synonym: moody, irascible

Example: Be careful what you say - he's rather irritable today.

Word Family:

ir·ri·ta·ble·ness, noun

ir·ri·ta·bly, adverb

non·ir·ri·ta·ble, adjective

non·ir·ri·ta·ble·ness, noun

non·ir·ri·ta·bly, adverb


11. Obsession (n.)

Definition: something or someone that you think about all the time

Synonym: passion, preoccupation

Example: He's always wanted to find his natural mother but recently it's become an obsession.

Word Family:

ob·ses·sion·al, adjective

non·ob·ses·sion, noun

non·ob·ses·sion·al, adjective

self-ob·ses·sion, noun


12. Prospect (n.)

Definition: the possibility that something good might happen in the future

Synonym: expectation, probability

Example: Is there any prospect of the weather improving?

Word Family:

pros·pect·less, adjective

pros·pec·tor, noun

non·pros·pect, noun

un·der·pros·pect, noun


13. Protruding (adj.)

Definition:sticking out from or through something

Synonym: jutting, sticking out

Example: He has protruding teeth.

Word Family:

pro·trud·ent, adjective

pro·tru·si·ble, pro·trud·a·ble, adjective

non·pro·trud·ing, adjective

un·pro·trud·ed, adjective

un·pro·trud·ent, adjective


14. Rehabilitation (n.)

Definition: returning someone or something to a good or healthy condition

Synonym: restoration

Example: a drug rehabilitation clinic

Word Family:

re·ha·bil·i·ta·tive, adjective

re·ha·bil·i·ta·tor, noun

non·re·ha·bil·i·ta·tion, noun

non·re·ha·bil·i·ta·tive, adjective


15. Rutabaga (n.)

Definition: a brassicaceous plant, Brassica napobrassica, having a yellow- or white-fleshed, edible tuber.



Word Family:


16. Starve (v.)

Definition: to (cause someone to) become very weak or die because there is not enough food to eat

Synonym: crave, perish

Example: Whole communities starved to death during the long drought.

Word Family:

half-starved, adjective

half-starv·ing, adjective

self-starved, adjective

un·starved, adjective


17.Sturdy (adj.)

Definition: physically strong and solid or thick, and therefore unlikely to break or be hurt

Synonym: strong, muscular

Example: sturdy walking boots

Word Family:

stur·di·ly, adverb

stur·di·ness, noun

un·stur·di·ly, adverb

un·stur·di·ness, noun


19. Substantial (ad.)

Definition: large in size, value, or importance

Synonym: considerable, major

Example: The findings show a substantial difference between the opinions of men and women.

Word Family:

sub·stan·ti·al·i·ty, sub·stan·tial·ness, noun

sub·stan·tial·ly, adverb

non·sub·stan·tial, adjective

non·sub·stan·tial·ly, adverb

non·sub·stan·tial·ness, noun


20. Succinct (adj.)

Definition: said in a clear and short way

Synonym: concise, brief

Example: Keep your letter succinct and to the point.

Word Family:

suc·cinct·ly, adverb

suc·cinct·ness, noun

un·suc·cinct, adjective

un·suc·cinct·ly, adverb


21. Sunken (adj.)

Definition: seeming to have fallen further into the face, especially because of tiredness, illness, or old age

Synonym: hollow

Example: She looked old and thin with sunken cheeks and hollow eyes.

Word Family:

half-sunk·en, adjective

un·sunk·en, adjective


22. Turnip (n.)

Definition: a rounded, white root that is eaten cooked as a vegetable, or the plant that produces it



Word Family: