„EU peníze středním školám“
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„EU peníze středním školám“. Go and See II. London . St. Paul‘s Cathedral. It is the second largest church in the world after St. Pietro’s in Rome . It was completed in 1711 in the baroque style by Sir Christopher Wren . It was his masterpiece. St. Paul‘s Cathedral.

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Go and see ii

Go and See II


St paul s cathedral
St. Paul‘s Cathedral

It is the second largest church in the world after St. Pietro’s in Rome.

It was completed in 1711 in the baroque style by Sir Christopher Wren. It was his masterpiece.

St paul s cathedral1
St. Paul‘s Cathedral

Inside – Whispering Gallery – remarkable acoustic phenomenon – it’s possible to hear a whispered word against the wall on the other side of the room.

Britain’s heroes are buried there: Admiral Nelson, Duke of Wellington, Sir Wren himself.

Houses of parliament
Houses of Parliament

Palace of Westminster, a meeting place of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, is widely known as „Houses of Parliament.

In 1840 the Houses were rebuilt in Neo-gothic style after a big fire in 1834.

Big ben

Big Ben – a huge bell named after Sir Benjamin Hall - is hung in the most famous landmark of London – the 97 metre high clock tower .

To celebrate „The Diamond Jubilee of Elisabeth II“ in 2012, the tower was renamed. Now it is called Elisabeth Tower.

The clock strikes are used by BBC as a radio time signal.

Westminster Abbey

  • Just across from Parliament Square, there is the most important church in the country – Westminster Abbey.

  • Every king and queen has been crowned there since 1066

  • It is the final resting place for 17 kings and queens who are buried there

  • In Poet’s Corner there are monuments and tombstones of famous poets – but only a few are really buried there

Trafalgar square
Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar square was named after Admiral Horatio Nelson to commemorate his naval victory over the French and Spanish fleet lead by Napoleon in 1805.

The dominant landmark of the square is the 56 metre high Nelson Column. His statue is on top.

Trafalgar square1
Trafalgar Square

Another dominant building is the National Gallery. There reside the greatest collections of paintings from the 13th to 20th century.(Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Monet, Goya and many others).

The square is often a centrefor public open-air performances and political demonstrations.

Piccadilly circus
Piccadilly Circus

famous centre of entertainment – theatres, cinemas, clubs and shopping

the most colourful place in London

in the middle is the fountain with Eros, the Greek God of love – which is a regular place for meetings (like “under the horse” in Wenceslas Square In Prague)

Comprehensive questions

What size is St. Paul‘s Cathedral?

Who was the main architect?

What is the „Whispering Gallery“ and where will you find it“?

Where do the House of Commons and House of Lords hold their meetings?

What is used by the BBC radio as a time signal?

Why and when was the clock tower with the Big Ben bell renamed to the Elisabeth Tower?

Comprehensive questions

Comprehensive questions1

Where will you find monuments and tombstones of famous poets?

What is the dominant feature of Trafalgar Square?

What is possible to see in the National Gallery?

What facilities will you find in Piccadilly Circus?

Where do people often meet in London?

If you don‘t remember,

go through the presentation once again

Comprehensive questions


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