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U.S. Tax Shelters For Immigrants

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U.S. Tax Shelters For Immigrants - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Freeman Tax Law is experienced and here to help you in all your OVDP, FATCA and FBAR troubles.

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U.S. Tax Shelters For Immigrants

Freeman Tax Law


Tax Advantages For Foreigners

Great coverage has been given to the treatment of U.S. citizens at foreign financial institutions. Whether the foreign banks want the U.S. clients or not should not deter foreigners from looking to the United States for investment opportunities. Great tax advantages exist for immigrants and foreign investors.

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Immigrant Tax Planning

For wealthy immigrants coming to the United States it is important to make plans to keep them wealthy. This involves looking at their assets before they become a United States resident for tax purposes or a citizen. Assets that have appreciated should be dealt with to ensure that the gains from such assets are earned before U.S. residency and the IRS has the ability to tax them.

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Student visas are particularly generous and tax advantageous. Students are allowed to reside in the United States for up to five years and are exempt from being treated as a U.S. resident for taxation purposes. Students are able to study and must only pay taxes on income from U.S. sources, not worldwide income. If the student is married or has a family, their spouse and children are able to reside in the United States and enjoy the same tax advantages. For wealthy individuals with business ventures in foreign countries this is particularly favorable.


Student Advantages

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Foreign Investors

For those wishing to grow their wealth without actually residing in the United States there are unique opportunities. Understanding the regulations a foreign investor can build their wealth without ever paying U.S. taxes on the income or paying estate tax on the wealth in the United States.

The U.S. stock market is a prime example - non-resident aliens are able to invest in the stock market and receive dividend income. Shares sold for capital gain are generally exempted from U.S. taxation. A lesser known option is Portfolio Loans. These are loans made by foreign investors to U.S. borrowers. The investor can reap tax-free interest on this debt obligation held by the lender.

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Estate Opportunities

Estate taxes are another area of opportunity for investors looking to purchase real estate. Estate taxes are applied at the time of death and can be quite sizeable depending on the size of the estate. In order to avoid paying an estate tax foreigners are able to purchase real estate in the name of a foreign corporation. At the time of the foreigner's death the estate is transferred to the corporation and the beneficiary will receive share of the foreign corporation. The United States is excluded from this deal as the estate did not transfer to another person so there is no estate tax to be collected.

Important to note, with increased global tax transparency foreigners are encouraged to take advantage of U.S. tax advantages but are still responsible for abiding by their governing tax code in their home country. There are still advantageous opportunities, but planning for taxes on both sides of the water is better done first.

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