night bellwork 1 monday 3 30 l.
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Night Bellwork #1 Monday 3/30 PowerPoint Presentation
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Night Bellwork #1 Monday 3/30

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Night Bellwork #1 Monday 3/30 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Night Bellwork #1 Monday 3/30
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  1. Night Bellwork #1Monday 3/30 Describe what PREJUDICE means. Describe what RACISM means. Describe what GENOCIDE means Describe what ANTISEMITISM means Describe what HOLOCAUST means.

  2. PREJUDICE Pre- Judge. It is prejudging someone on emotion, rumor or feelings. It is NOT based on fact or reason

  3. RACISM Hatred of ALL members of a particular race or ethnic group

  4. GENOCIDE • Geno – Greek root that means: race, tribe or nation • Cide – Latin suffix that means killing This term was created AFTER WW2 as a result of how Jews and other ethnic groups were treated during the war. The intent of genocide is the total annihilation of a race or ethnic group. Genocide results from prejudice being taken to an extreme degree.

  5. ANTI-SEMITISM • Hatred of a person of Jewish origin. Anti-Semitism began 2000 years ago. It did not begin with the Nazis.

  6. HOLOCAUST • Greek root means “burnt whole” • Word was created after WW2 • Refers specifically to the destruction of 6 million Jews and 5 million non-jews during 1933-1945.

  7. Night Bellwork #2April 1, 2009Copy the following definition in your bellwork then respond to the question • Irony – The use of words to express something other than and especially opposite of the literal meaning. • Has anything ever happened to you that was the opposite of what you expected? For example, you left your umbrella at home and it rained, bought concert tickets then won some, paid 100 dollars for a pair of shoes then they went on sale?

  8. ThursdayApril 2, 2009Bellwork #3 • How has a belief in something or someone other than yourself sustained you (kept you going) in a time of crises. Explain in 4-7 sentences

  9. Bellwork #4Friday April 3, 2009 • In your opinion, why might the Jews of Sighet refuse to believe the stories of the horrors committed by the Nazis – even when told by one who witnessed them? Discuss your thoughts in 4-7 sentences.

  10. Monday April 6,2009Bellwork #5 Answer the following questions in your bellwork: • What does the narrator do each evening? • About what do Moche the beadle and Eliezer talk? • Why does Moche leave the village? • Before deportation, where were the Jews living? • What does Madame Schachter scream that she sees?

  11. Bellwork #6Wednesday April 8, 2009 Copy this down in your bellwork: • A motif in literature is a word, character, object, image, metaphor or idea that recurs and usually bears an important relationship to the theme of the work. • The connotation of a word is themeaning, association, or emotion that a word suggests. This can also act as a motif.

  12. Thursday April 9,2009Bellwork #7 Theme: A major theme in Night is the idea of emotional death. What do you think emotional death is? How does the motif of night help develop that theme? Explain in 5-7 sentences

  13. BellworkFriday April 10, 2009 • Get out your vocabulary flash cards • Get with a partner. 2-3 in a group ONLY • You have 10 minutes to quiz each other

  14. Bellwork 8April 13, 2009 “Man raises himself toward God by the questions he asks Him” Moche the Beadle was fond of repeating this statement to Elie in the beginning of the book. What do you think he means by this? How does this relate to all the questions of accusation Elie asks God at the start of Rosh Hashana?

  15. Bellwork 9 Reading Check • For what offense are the two adults and a child hanged? • Why does Elie not fast on Yom Kippur? • Why does Elie go to the hospital? • What happens to the patients who stay in the hospital instead of evacuating?

  16. Bellwork 10 One of the themes in Night is the theme of dignity in the face of inhuman cruelty. Review the following actions that are examples of this theme and in a sentence or two explain the dignified response in each situation. • The Jews were abused by the Kapos and allowed only minimal food but on Rosh Hashanah… • Juliek was forbidden to play Beethoven, the prisoners were forced on a death march and they were freezing and crushed in barracks. However Juliek … • The doctors will not attend to Elie’s father, the fellow prisoners beat him, no more food is given to him because he is dying. However, Elie…

  17. FridayApril 17 • Hand in Bellwork 1-10 if you have not already. • You have 15 minutes to silently study for your quiz. • After the quiz you may quietly relax!

  18. Bellwork 11Monday April 20, 2009 Elie was given two contrasting pieces of advice about how to survive, one from a young Polish prisoner at the beginning of imprisonment (to help each other) and the other by the head of the block at Buchenwald (to help himself). In a paragraph of 5-7 sentences discuss which choice was more practical and which is more ethical. 3rd Vocab assignment due TOMORROW 4th Vocab assignment due WED/THUR Journals due MONDAY

  19. Bellwork 12Tuesday April 21, 2009 • The intense experience of WW2 and the Holocaust brought out the worst and the best in many people. Based on what you know of history and what Wiesel writes in Night, what conclusions can you draw about human nature? Explain your thoughts in 5-7 sentences.

  20. Bellwork 13 • After reading this memoir, what images, ideas, and feelings do you think you will never forget? What ones impacted you the most? How did they impact or effect you? Share your thoughts in a paragraph of 6-8 sentences.

  21. Today • Finishing up any reading • Checking off Vocab Assignment 4 • Reviewing for Test • Time to work on journals.