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Zaneta Baran - Magento Developer

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Zaneta Baran - Magento Developer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Żaneta Baran –

Magento Developer

More interviews with freelancers on




Our freelancer of the week has known

right from the beginning, that one day

she would like to be her own boss and

possibly start her own company. With

that in mind, Zaneta Baran started to

work on some smaller projects while

studying Software Engineering and

after that kept going while working as

a regular employee to gain experience.

Now Zaneta fulfilled her dream and is



Magento development and is very

happy with it…






1) First off, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi, my name is Żaneta Baran. I’m a 23 year old developer,

based in Cracow, Poland. I’m a certified Magento frontend

developer. Mainly I’m successfully working on Magento

(frontend as well as backend): creating shops from scratch,

handling ongoing maintenance, creating dedicated

extensions. Also I know Wordpress, Woocommerce and

Prestashop very well. I’m making graphic design (website

designs, logo etc) too.



1) First off, can you tell us a bit about yourself? (cont‘d)

I have been a freelancer for six years now and while that time I

was also working for several IT companies, where I've gained

experience while working on various Magento projects for

Polish and international clients (mainly from Germany, US,

UK and Australia). Now I’m focusing on my own career. I’m

working as a freelancer; also I’m running my sole

proprietorship, which is named NoRestrictions. It allows me

to work with clients on B2B rules. For both at work and in

private life I love challenges and the thrill of adrenaline. I ride

a motorcycle, jump with a parachute and like boxing.



2) If you would search for your profile on Google, which are

the keywords you would type in the search bar?

Depends, which services I would be looking for:

Magento Developer Freelancer

Experienced Magento Developer

Wordpress freelancer

Magento Frontend Developer

Magento Backend Developer



3) What was your inspiration and when did you actually

decide to become a freelancer?

During my studies I knew that I wanted to work as a

freelancer or start my own company. I like being my own

boss. I've always admired the young people who threw

themselves into deep water and at young age founded a

company. Then I thought to myself that in IT I can be a

freelancer! It’s even better! At studies I caught some small

projects. Then I worked for several companies to gain

experience and references, which were useful to me in

search of customers as a freelancer.



3) What was your inspiration and when did you actually

decide to become a freelancer? (cont’d)

In addition, the work in a company allowed me to acquire the

ability of working with clients. Right now I work as a

freelancer full time, eight hours a day, from Monday to




4) What kind of services have your clients asked you to


Mainly I was creating websites and webstores. I made

specifications with clients or their support documentation.

I made templates, PSD to HTML/Wordpress/Magento. Also

I maintain some of my projects I’ve created. I made

amendments to existing websites/webstores, I also

developed them. I was running big, time consuming

projects as well as some small two hour jobs. Also I made

some Magento and Wordpress extensions. I’m also a

graphic designer.



5) Do you use other freelancers or companies to provide

skills that you don’t possess?

I have my own trusted team, which consists of two

developers behind me. We know each other from studies.

Each of us has its own, separate projects, but sometimes

we help each other out when needed. It also happens that

the customer needs a few developers in a single project.

Then I arrange to meet with my team on clients request

and we work together.



6) Now tell us, how do you find new clients that are

interested in your services?

Mainly I use freelancing websites. When I have time I’m

going to conferences or some trainings in my home city to

meet new people = potential clients. Also, if I have the

time and money I travel to other countries, make new

friends, come to BNI meetings or others and try to sell my

services. But the best ways to raise the number of clients

are recommendations from others and their feedback-

then clients come by themselves.



7) What about Can you tell us a little

bit about your experience with our IT-network?

I set up an account on this portal recently. I found mention

about the portal on Twitter with a „#”. The site is well

designed and clear. I'm just beginning my adventure with, but I can see huge potential.



8) How do you set yourself apart from your competitors?

What makes you special?

First of all, working with Magento which is not very popular

among freelancers helps. Work on Magento requires

extensive experience and knowledge, especially best

practice and moreover definitely an experience and

positive feedback from customers. I always work at 100%,

or even 120%, so that the customer is satisfied and he

wants me to come back and share the experience in other

projects as well.



9) What are the top three books, blogs or magazines you

read to stay up to date in the IT-market?



PCWorld, ComputerWorld



10) Freestyle! Is there anything you would like to tell our


My trick is to look for unusual ways to find projects. A great

tool is for example Twitter. This way I found So try to think in not hackneyed ways.



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