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A Legacy of Indian Embroidered Sarees PowerPoint Presentation
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A Legacy of Indian Embroidered Sarees

A Legacy of Indian Embroidered Sarees

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A Legacy of Indian Embroidered Sarees

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  1. ​​​​​​​​A​​​​Legacy​​​​of​​​​Indian​​​​Embroidered​​​​Sarees Sarees, perhaps the only unstitched and oldest form of dressing that still dominates the current trend. An authentic Indian saree is not only a dress but has become an identification of Indian women. In the history of clothing in India, saree is the only dress form that traveled for ages. This is the reason why this ethnic wear is considered so auspicious during the performance of any rituals or traditions. Being part of such a diverse landmass, this form of dressing had witnessed many variations. Be it the theme, design, print, or fabric, each part of the country has something unique to offer. Ajio has a huge collection of such diverse ethnic wear. You must grab​​​Ajio​​​​​coupons​​​​​​and​​find​​out​​your​​classy​​dress.

  2. However, out of many diversities, the art of Indian embroidery is highly unique and its beauty is unmatched in the world. Being inspired by nature and religion, the Indian style of embroidery is hugely dominated by florals, geometric designs, animals and vibrant color. Talking of embroidery, let’s take a sneak peek into the collection of diverse sarees which are famous for its regional​​handwork​​and​​art​​form. Gujarat, though a land of rocky terrain and barren landscape is highly known for its intricate needle work. The combination of eye catching sequins, beautiful beads and use of immense mirror works define an authentic Gujarati saree. However, with the boost of regional art work and talent, this form of embroidery has contributed in the mainstream designing. Be it the draping or the vibrant colors, Gujarati style of sarees have hugely influenced the world of fashion​​industry.

  3. The next very important center of regional embroidery is Uttar Pradesh. Hardly anyone would be unaware of their high-quality zari and Chikankari work. Not many know, but Zari is the most costly​​embroidery​​due​​to​​the​​usage​​of​​the​​best​​quality​​of​​silver​​and​​gold​​thread​​in​​its​​production.

  4. Though today, Indians are known for their finest zari work all over the world, but the craft was brought to India by the Turko-Afghan sultans in the 12th century. The other very common form of embroidery known in India is Chinkari, another popular form of needlework. The work has originated and developed in India. Being famous for its prominence style and soft fabric, Chinkari​​has​​created​​a​​hold​​on​​its​​market. Check​​​​out​​​​the​​​​latest​​​​collection​​​​of​​​​saree​​​​and​​​​upgrade​​​​your​​​​closet These were only a handful of the embroideries, which no saree lover can afford to miss out!. However, the Kanchipuram of South, the Phulkaris of Punjab and the kashida of Kashmir are the other popular embroideries of our landmass. You must visit Ajio to find out the latest collection of such sarees. Also look for ​Ajio discount coupons to grab your favorite ethnic wear​​at​​an​​all​​time​​low​​price.