pv market and industrial activity in greece n.
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PV market and industrial activity in Greece PowerPoint Presentation
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PV market and industrial activity in Greece

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PV market and industrial activity in Greece - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PV market and industrial activity in Greece
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  1. PV market and industrial activity in Greece Dr. Alexander Zachariou Solar Cells Hellas/Deputy Secretary of HELAPCO

  2. Introduction Potential for PV Development in Greece Investment Opportunities Market Prospects Industrial Activity Solar Cells Hellas Company Presentation Outline

  3. Introduction Energy consumption in buildings accounts for 40% of the total energy consumption and hence air pollution, the greenhouse effect and consequently the extreme weather conditions occurring around the planet recently. Energy needs continuously increase, following quality of life improvement. The only way to cover the growing energy requirements without further environmental impact is increasing the share of renewable energy sources in the energy mix.

  4. Introduction Climate conditions in SE Europe are favourable for exploiting renewable energy sources, particularly wind and solar. Solar energy can be directly converted into heat (solar thermal collectors) or electricity (photovoltaic modules). The photovoltaic effect was observed in 1839, but the first applications were made possible after semiconductors were discovered in 1954. Today there is large scale PV industry developed in Germany, Japan, China and the US. The technology is becoming mature. However, production is still expensive and support is required for market development.

  5. Potential for PV Development in Greece Feed-in Law introduced since July 2006: Modification in January 2009: • 20 years feed-in tariff contract, 11%/year reduction from Aug. 2010 • 40% investment subsidy – not for new applications >2MWp • “Simplified” licensing procedure, time frame for approvals • Potential for large projects, intension for development of domestic sector

  6. Investment opportunities [1] Centralised PV power production (order ofMWp) [2] Commercial applications (tens ofkWp) [3] Domesticapplications (few kWp) [4] Development of local industry

  7. Market Prospects • More than 7000 applications have been submitted for PV installation licenses, corresponding to 3.5 GWp. • Potential for v. large projects (25-50MWp) • Grid parity expected 2012-2015 • Household sector incentives (<10kWp, higher tariff, 25 years, simplified procedures) • Sustainable market with large number of building integrated systems (BIPV) • Use existing infrastructure, no additional space needed • Auxiliary role in building, replacement of building components • Proximity to grid/consumption, decentralised production • Peak shaving, grid reinforcement

  8. Industrial Activity PVProduction facilities in operation/preparation: Solar Cells Hellas – Wafer, Cell and Module line (cell/wafer trial prod., 60MWp) Silcio/Piritium – Wafer, Cell and Module line (under construction, 40MWp) Energy Solutions – Module assembly line (in operation since 2005 (BG), 12MWp) Heliosphera (Next Solar) – Thin film production (under construction, 60MWp) Exel Group – Module assembly (under construction, 60-70MWp) Stel Solar – Module assembly (under construction, 10-15MWp) GLB Bulgaria Ltd – Module assembly (under construction, 6MWp) SolarPro Bulgaria – Thin film production (partial operation, 30% of 18MWp) Heliodomi S.A. – Thin film production (pending, 5+2MWp)

  9. Solar Cells Hellas S.A. / Soltech S.A. – General Information • Founded in 2005 • Total Investment ~100M€ • Building located in industrial area of Patras, Greece • Turn-key line by GT Solar • Cell and wafer production started in Q3 2008. Module production in Q2 2009 • Initial capacity30MWp/yr • Full capacity: 60MWp/yr to be reached by end of 2009 • Building: 14.000m2 • Available land (privately owned): 37.000m2. • Working places: 230 (full operation)

  10. Production Lines

  11. Wafer Production Line

  12. Cell Production Line Wafer celaning, chemical etching Diffusion Furnaces – doping (p-n junction formation) Antireflection Coating Systems (PECVD) Metallisation/Screen Print Lines

  13. Module Production Line Automated Tabber/Stringer connecting cells Automated Module Lay-up Stations Automated loading/unloading Laminators

  14. Founded in 2007, aiming to promote RES system installation. • High quality, professional turn-key solutions (concept, feasibility study, permit procedure, design, project, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance) • Central systems, domestic systems, grid connected or autonomous, energy saving solutions • Simulation software Development • Collaboration with largest manufacturers world-wide for equipment supply • www.reni.gr RENI S.A. – General Information

  15. Investment in large scale PV installations on privately owned land: • Solar Datum • 4E Energiaki • Solar Concept • Spes Solaris • And others Total Power to be installed: >27ΜWp PV Plant Development

  16. R&D • Participation in research project with the University of Patras: “High efficiency PV cells with environmentally friendly materials and processes”. Co-financed by the Hellenic Ministry of Economics. • Close collaboration with the Centre for Renewable Energy Sources through consulting aagreement. • Financial support of PhD students at NTUA – research on growth and characterisation of CIS/CIGS cells. Events & Exhibitions • Sponsorship of various PV events organised by EPIA and other bodies. • National and International Exhibitions (EUPVSEC, Intersolar, ENERGIA ’09, ECOTECH…) Collaborations • Energy Solutions S.A. (Module manufacturer in Bulgaria) • Leading equipment suppliers world-wide Other Activities

  17. Headquarters: Solar Cells Hellas Group 170 Sygrou Avenue GR 115 21 Athens Greece Tel.: + 30 210 9595159 Fax: + 30 210 9537618 Factory: Ag. Stefanos Land block 3, street B3 Industrial Zone of Patras GR 25200 Achaia Greece Tel: +30 2610 241958 Email: info@schellas.gr Web page: www.schellas.gr Contact Information