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Synthesis Essay

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Synthesis Essay. Teachable Moments. Stitching and Weaving. When you stitch and weave a quote, you need to use the embedded words to make a full sentence. Be careful not to create a sentence fragment, a un-on, or an awkward sentence. Examples. NOT THIS…

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synthesis essay

Synthesis Essay

Teachable Moments

stitching and weaving
Stitching and Weaving
  • When you stitch and weave a quote, you need to use the embedded words to make a full sentence.
  • Be careful not to create a sentence fragment, a un-on, or an awkward sentence

“Bullies are pervasive in today’s society” is what the author states.

The author seems to think bullying is everywhere “bullies are pervasive in today’s society.”

“Bullies are pervasive in today’s society.” This quote shows that bullying is everywhere.

better examples
Better Examples

Since “bullies are pervasive in today’s society,” it is crucial that schools institute new bullying prevention programs (Source A).

As Source A states, bullying is “pervasive in today’s society,” so schools can no longer look the other way and treat hazing as a simple rite of passage.

the warrant
The Warrant
  • TEA: Claim, Data, Warrant
  • “Her financial concern is warranted because her husband lost his job.”
  • “That offense is serious enough to warrant a court martial.”

Warrant= To justify or necessitate

  • We should have a set list of books to teach because such a standard promotes cultural literacy.
  • Students will not read books unless they enjoy the content.
  • Most anthologies do not contain work by women authors. As source B shows, most of the commonly taught classics were written by men.
refutation concession
Refutation/ Concession
  • Anticipate the opponent’s arguments as you write.
  • What could they possibly say against what you are writing?
  • Concession: Admit the truth of their ideas (or part of their ideas)
  • Refutation: Actively argue against what the opponent’s argument might be
an example
An Example
  • One of the detriments of a standard set of literature is the lack of engaging titles. While many critics love Shakespeare and Twain, some of these works have been inaccessible to younger readers. Teenagers may not have the skills to read such complicated texts, but more importantly, they may not be interested in content written so many years ago. They simply haven’t matured enough to appreciate the classics. Unfortunately, teenagers may not read what they don’t enjoy. Teachers should be able to use varied and interesting classroom strategies to build this interest, but the reality is that good teaching can only go so far. Unless a student is motivated to read, often because of the interest factor of a book, he or she likely won’t read. Discipline or grade penalties often will not work. Students must read to improve their skills, so this is a problem, a problem that could be solved with more engaging literature.
your task
Your Task
  • Read through the sample paragraph. Find places where you can add a warrant or refutation/ concession. Add in those sentences.
  • Should parents monitor teen driving through electronic means?
  • Write ONE body paragraph that integrates information from the article to support your ideas.
  • Your body paragraph should represent ONE reason for your overall stance. It should not start with your thesis statement, just a topic sentence.