Guidance on intervening with panel management hiv clinics at the forefront of pcmh models
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Guidance on intervening with panel management: hiv clinics at the forefront of pcmh models - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Guidance on intervening with panel management: hiv clinics at the forefront of pcmh models. Itta Aswad, MPH November 28 th , 2012- Ryan White All Grantees Meeting. Disclosures.

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Guidance on intervening with panel management hiv clinics at the forefront of pcmh models

Guidance on intervening with panel management: hiv clinics at the forefront of pcmh models

Itta Aswad, MPH

November 28th, 2012- Ryan White All Grantees Meeting


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Learning objectives
Learning objectives

At the conclusion of this activity, the participant will be able to:

1. Define Panel Management and describe a typical PM program.

2. Describe the association between the Patient Centered Medical Home Model and Panel Management.

3. Identify barriers and facilitators to implementing this design in their agencies

Obtaining cme ce credit
Obtaining CME/CE Credit

If you would like to receive continuing education

credit for this activity, please visit:

Who are we

HIV ACCESS is a consortium of Primary Care clinics working to provide comprehensive quality care to PLWHA

The Family Care Network is a consortium of agencies that works to provide comprehensive, services across disciplines for children, youth, women and families living with HIV

Who are we


  • Overview of PCMH

  • What is Panel Management?

  • How PM works

  • How PM can be implemented in your clinic

The reality of the 15 minute visit in primary care
The reality of the 15-minute visit in primary care

  • Only 37% of patients in one study were adequately informed about medications they were taking

  • 50% of patients leave office visit not understanding what the doctor said

  • Study of 1000 physician visits, the patient did not participate in decisions 91% of the time.

    Roter and Hall. Ann Rev Public Health 1989;10:163. Braddock et al. JAMA 1999;282;2313.

Racial disparities in survival







Life Expectancy Lost (y)









Racial Disparities in Survival

  • Late initiation or early HAART discontinuation results in life- expectancy loss

  • Data indicate minorities present later and have higher rates of premature discontinuation

Losina E et al. 14th CROI; 2007; Los Angeles, CA. Abstract 142.

Slide courtesy of Dr. William King

What is a pcmh
What is a PCMH?

A primary care practice that has gone through an independent evaluation process, such as through the NCQA, to validate that it is able to:

  • Deliver comprehensive, patient-centered care

  • Of the whole person,

  • Supported by health information systems

  • And with accountability for results. 

Slide courtesy of Dr. Kathleen Clanon

Key features of a pcmh include
Key features of a PCMH include:

  • Enhanced Access and Open Scheduling

  • Adopting and Implementing Evidence Based Guidelines

  • Systematic, HIT based tracking of tests, results, screens, preventative therapy

  • Referral tracking, and follow-up

  • Alternate forms of patient-physician interaction (email, phone)

  • PCMHs are accountable for reporting on evidence-based measures of quality and patient satisfaction.

Slide courtesy of Dr. Kathleen Clanon

Guidance on intervening with panel management hiv clinics at the forefront of pcmh models

Patient Centered Medical HomeImplementation Continuum

Doctor and Staff Centered model

PCMH Fully


Slide courtesy of Dr. Kathleen Clanon


Why do we need this change
Why do we need this change?

  • PLWH/A are living longer

  • List of beneficial preventative disease activities is growing

  • Resources are becoming more limited

  • Payer models are changing (pay for performance)

  • Utilizing meaningful use incentives

What is panel management
What is Panel Management

  • Use a registry to track who needs what

  • Have written selection criteriato decide which patients to focus on for what

  • Link criteria to standing ordersfor labs, immunizations, counseling referrals, etc

  • Empower MA/peer teamsto take over managing routine care outside of the MD/NP visit

Slide courtesy of: Barbara Ramsey, MD

What can panel management do for us
What can Panel Management do for us?

  • Uncouple the Dr. visit from some of the

    • - Adherence counseling - Smoking cessation

    • - Prevention counseling - Vaccinations

    • - Mental Health and Substance Abuse treatment

  • Produce actionable interventions

    - phone messaging

    - med reconciliation

Pilot project alameda county medical center oakland ca
Pilot project- Alameda County Medical Center, Oakland CA

Team Approach:

  • 1 Clinician

  • 1 Medical Assistant

  • 1 Registered Nurse

  • ~125 clients


  • Increase retention in care

  • Increase vL suppression

  • Increase health maintenance activities

Task shifting
Task Shifting

Pre Panel Management

Post Panel Management

  • MA- Vitals and referrals as ordered

  • RN- Case Management and discharge orders

  • MD- focus on HIV care and Primary care needs as remembered

  • MA- Vitals, promotes for HM tasks, referrals, in-reach to the out of care without order

  • RN- Case Management and discharge orders

  • MD- Focus on HIV and Primary care needs using support tools

What does panel management sound like
What does Panel Management sound like?

“ Hi Andre, I’m calling from Dr. J’s office. I see you are overdue for your labs. I have a lab slip for you, can you come in a see me tomorrow? Great, and we can get your flu shot done then too, and we’ll set you up to see Dr. J.”

“Hello Ms. R, this is Itta calling from Dr. C’s office. How are you today? We were looking over your chart and noticed that you are coming up due for your pap smear and also your ADAP needs renewal. Is it ok if I make appts for you next week to get those done?”

Interventions and tools
Interventions and tools

  • Health messages

  • In-reach

  • Registry reports

  • Huddles

  • Decision Support sheets


  • Proper provider assignments

  • Focused HIV and Primary Care tasks

  • Increase quality numbers

  • Organized care coordination

  • Movement toward NCQA qualification

Alameda county medical center panel management at work
Alameda County Medical Center:Panel Management At work

Use of a registry report
Use of a Registry Report

  • - How many clients in your panel?

  • - What information is available on each patient?

  • - Which patients are overdue for CD4, Viral Load, TB, Paps?

  • - Which patients are at goal? Which are not?

  • - Which patients could be prioritized for self-management support groups?

Exercise using the registry
Exercise: Using the Registry

Exercise: 15 minutes. In groups of 3-4, degsinate each person a role (MA, RN, Panel Manager, Clinician).

Which clients should the Panel Manager work with first?

How did you prioritize the clients?


What interventions would you recommend for follow-up?

What is the role of other team members?

Challenges and solutions
Challenges and Solutions



  • Time

  • Prioritizing needs

  • Shifting medical practices

  • Scheduling protected time

  • Use Registry report and Decision Support tools

  • Communication

Do you have the resources to pull this off
Do you have the resources to pull this off?

4 Central PM concepts

  • Use a registry

  • A team of providers willing to align resources

  • Prioritizing criteria

  • Take care out of the PCP visit when possible

Next steps
Next Steps…..

  • Identify staff

  • Determine PM activities

  • Carve out protected time with PCP

  • Celebrate successes

  • Learning opportunities


  • Itta Aswad, MPH-

  • Kathleen Clanon, MD-

  • William King, MD, JD-

  • Barbara Ramsey, MD-