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Events. Structure. Revenue. Portfolio. Capabiliy. Philosophy. Support. Competence. Nanoparticles as UV absorbers. Nano Functional Materials. (NFM) project. יום עיון : יישומי ננו טכנולוגיה בתעשיית הפלסטיקה והגומי . שנקר, בי"ס גבוה להנדסה ועיצוב . ינואר 2007. Support program for:

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Nanoparticles as UV absorbers.

Nano Functional Materials.

(NFM) project.

יום עיון: יישומי ננו טכנולוגיה בתעשיית הפלסטיקה והגומי .

שנקר, בי"ס גבוה להנדסה ועיצוב.

ינואר 2007.

Support program for:

Generic Technological R&D

Transfer of technology: Academia to industry.

Operational framework is a consortium

of industries and research institutes.

66% government grant.

MAGNETמחקר גנרי טכנולוגי
Consortium frame work:

12 Industries.

Researchers from 3 academic institutions.

Three leading projects:

Manufacturing and stabilization of nano particles in liquid phase.

Compounding nano particles into polymers matrix.

De-agglomeration of nano particles.


why nanoparticles additives
Functional properties with almost no outward migration from the polymer.


Positive interaction with polymer to obtain specific advantages. e.g. nanoclays –improves mechanical properties and transparent.

Why nanoparticles additives ?
kafrit s activities

Agglomeration interferes with functional dispersion.

Surface treatments, dispersing agents…

Adjusting process parameters.

Evaluation of the dispersion quality: TEM, SEM and…

Areas of activity:

UV absorbers/blockers: nanosized ZnO, organic UVA nano-particles.

Flame retardants.

Kafrit’s activities:
uv absorbed blocked films for pest control


UV blocking

With UV blocking

UV absorbed/blocked films for pest control.

Advantages of UV absorbers in Greenhouse Films:

  • Distorts harmful insects activity.
  • Controls viral plant diseases vectored by insects*.

In addition:

  • Protects the polymer from photo oxidative


  • Prevents petal blackening.

*This is the reason why, in commercial applications, UV blocked AgriFilms is also called “AntiVirus”

Advantages of UV absorbers in Packaging Films:

Benefits:UV light filtering can prevent undesirable changes of the color, odor, flavor and nutrients.

Effective blocking in thin films – no migration/”blooming”.

no UV

Myoglobin (red) Metmayoglobin (brown)


UV blocking/Packaging.

UV, O2

deterioration of uv blockage effect
Deterioration of UV blockage effect.

UV absorbers are lost as the results of photodecomposition and migration.

uv blocking zno
UV blocking – ZnO.

Preliminary particles size 50-60 nm.

In practice: aggregates of 1-2 mm.

zno homogenous dispersions of
ZnO. Homogenous dispersions of

Influence of dispersing aid/surfactant type on ZnO dispersion.

  • Compounding with dispersing aids of different functionality.
  • Haze (forward light scattering) as the dispersion’s quality parameter.
dispersion aids and zno
Dispersion aids and ZnO.



By Prof. Y. Cohen (Technion)

long lasting uv blocking effect
Long lasting UV blocking effect.

ZnO - UV blocking effect maintains for longer period of time compares to the organic UVA.

long lasting uv blockage pesticides influence

Org UVA_1

ZnO based_1

ZnO based_2

Org UVA_2

Long lasting UV blockage/Pesticides influence.

Faster deterioration of UV blockage in the formulations based on nanosized ZnO compares to the organic UVA as the result of sulfur burning.

There is strong relation between UV blockage deterioration and amount of sulfur applied.

zno nano effect on organic uva migration
ZnO nano - effect on organic UVA migration.

Without ZnO.

With ZnO.

  • Nanosized ZnO slows down migration rate of organic UVA.
  • Potential application for thin packaging films.
intermediate conclusions
Dispersion is feasible.

Chemistry: Improved dispersion with the proper surfactant.

High transparency and low light scattering.

Further steps: influence of processing conditions on the nonoparticles dispersion.

Long lasting UV blockage:

Long term effect without agrochemicals.

Further steps: influence of particles surface treatment onagrochemical’s resistance.

Migration control by nanoparticles.

Intermediate conclusions.
tem picture of polymerized bzt
TEM picture of polymerized BZT.

Average particles size 280  20 nm.

synthesis of uv absorbing nano particles 2
Synthesis of UV absorbing nano particles(2)
  • But- synthesis products aggregate.
  • Dispersion is possible:
    • surfactants compatible with polyolefins.
    • drying on the porous resin.
polymerized bzt pe film

X 1000

Polymerized BZT / PE film.

Dispersion of polymerized BZT particles in LDPE.

polymerized bzt uv absorption efficiency


Polymerized BZT/ UV absorption efficiency.

Higher concentration of polymerized nanoparticles is needed to achieve UV blockage.

“Waste” of UVA moieties due to polymerization.

further steps
Reduction of the particles size.

Grafting of BZT brushes on the surface modified silica nano particles:

Further steps:
nano sio 2 particles
Nano SiO2 particles.

Nano sized SiO2 .

Surface Modified SiO2

organic uva particles summary
Novel nanosized UVA particles were synthesized.

Homogeneous dispersion in PO matrix. (adjustment of proper surfactants and drying conditions of synthesis products).

Not sufficient efficiency of UV blockage.

Further steps:improvement UV absorption efficiency by

Reduction of particle size.

Grafting of UVA monomer on nanosized silica.

Organic UVA particles/Summary.
the challenge of nano particles compounding
Dispersion without agglomeration

Use dispersion aids.

Evaluation of the dispersion quality: TEM, SEM and…

Understanding the effects of the extrusion parameters on the dispersion quality.

Personnel and environmental safety.

The challenge of nano particles compounding