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选择填空. 完型填空. 首字母填空. ◆ All day Andrew felt ______ as he thought about the upcoming showdown( 摊牌 ). What if Mr Larchmont refused his request? ( happy angry nervous disappointed ). ★. √. ★. ◆ No one knows the reason why a person becomes

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◆ All day Andrew felt ______ as he thought about the

upcoming showdown(摊牌). What if Mr Larchmont

refused his request?

( happy angry nervous disappointed )

◆ No one knows the reason why a person becomes

right-handed or left-handed. It is not caused by the

way in which his parents educate him. In other words,

a person is ________ to be right-handed or left-handed.

( taught born asked made )

◆ In the United States, as in Europe, you will see men

usually open doors for women, and women generally

walk ahead of the men into a room or a restaurant,

unless the men have to be ahead of the ladies to

choose the table, to open the door of a car or give other

_______. ( help customs examples services )


◆ The family was so poor that it was ________ to send

both of them to study at the art college at the same time.

( good necessary impossible helpful )

◆ You should always __________ your QQ and MSN so

that your friends don’t distract(使… 分心)you.

(turn off take out dream of complain about)

◆ Tom had a very serious illness and could _________

move any part of his body except his hands.

( nearly usually hardly possibly )

◆ Dogs can be taught to be become the “__________”

for a blind person or “ears” for a deaf person.

( eyes ears hands feet )


◆ With proper planning, it is possible to c______ your



◆ In recent yeas, a lot of small shops a_____ busy streets

have changed into small computer houses in order to

get more money.



◆ If these factories are suddenly c_________, lots of

people will lose their jobs.

◆ I decided that I would catch a young bird and keep it in

a cage and in that way, I would have my own p____



◆ Have you ever wondered what you would do if there

were a fire in your home? Here are some safety t____.


◆ They wear white hats, T-shirts and dark-bluetrousers.

The hats and T-shirts are p_____ with a red logo(标识),

the number “60”.



◆ A new rule was made. It said that n_______

was allowed to burn coal(煤) in any British city.

Just a few years later, the air became much cleaner.


◆ Do you have such kind of e_____________? In a

bus you may look at a stranger, but not too long.

And if he finds that he is being looked at, he may

feel uncomfortable.


◆ The air in many cities has already started becoming

cleaner, because the government and ordinary

people are trying to make pollution l_____.



◆ Why do people choose to live under the ground?

To avoid(避开)the boiling hot days and f______ cold

nights---daytime temperatures can rise to 50°C or

more and on a cold night the thermometer(温度计)

can hit zero.


◆ Milu deer(麋鹿), a kind of animal with large horns(角),

used to be c________ in China long ago. People

could see Milu deer in most places at that time.


◆ In the underground homes, the temperature is always

a very pleasant 19°C to 24°C. But that’s not the only

a_____ : the people don’t need to pay builders

if they want to build a home or make any changes.



◆ How much pocket money do you get from your

parents each week? Is the amount g_____ in recent

years? If it is, then you are luckier than the kids in

Britain. According to the reports, they are getting less

less pocket money.


◆ Some parents think that spending too much time using

a computer can be harmful, but there is the o_____

ofit. “Kids should be allowed to use computers as early

as possible,” said Tony Robertson.” Many children know

much more about technology than their parents.



◆ Allowances give children a chance to experience

the t_____ things they can do with money. They can

use it to do good things; they can spend it buying

things they want; or they can save it.



◆ Advertisements have all kinds of disadvantages. For

example, some of the manufactures(业主), in hope of

winning a bigger ___1___ for their products, are so

dishonest that they don’t ___2___ about their products.

When you are watching an interesting TV play, it may

suddenly be ___3__ by some advertisements. These

advertisements attract children so much that they ask

their parents to __4___ what is advertised.

1. shop, supermarket, production, market

2. tell the truth, say anything, think a lot,

describe anything

3. continued, stopped, attacked, performed

4. watch, have, keep, buy


◆ Latin Americans enjoy a slow life. In the cafes, the

service is slow. Outside on the street, people walk

by, not to lose weight, but to get somewhere. Buses

arrive and leave on their own schedule(时刻表),

sometimes sooner or later than the scheduled time.

And if you ___1__ the bus, just wait. One will come

along finally. Mid-morning breakfasts are homemade.

Lunch is around three in the afternoon and dinner

could be anytime. ___2___ really follows a schedule.

You ___3___ hear the question,” What time is it

1. drive, find, leave, miss

2. Nobody, Somebody, Everybody, Anybody

3. usually, always, seldom, often



◆ No one knows the reason why a person becomes

right-handed or left-handed. It is not caused by the way

in which his parents educate him. In other words, a

person is ________ to be right-handed or left-handed.

( taught born asked made )

◆ Run for time, not for d______. Your running program

should be planned to slowly increase the time you

spend on your feet, rather than(而不是) the kilometers.


◆ The third kind of satellite studies theweather. These

satellites watch clouds and strong winds moving across

the earth. They w_____ countries to make preparations

when very bad weather is coming.


◆ Sleeping may also be important for l_______. Some

studies show that people remember things better after

they “sleep on it”.


◆ When we think of paper, we think of newspapers,

books, letters, envelopes and writing paper. But there

are many other u_____. Each year, more and more

things are made of paper. We have had paper cups,

plates, and dishes for a long time. Now we even have

chairs, tables and beds made of paper. The newest

thing made of paper is the house for people to live in.



◆ There are some ways to deal with stress(压力).If you

are stressed out, try these quick and e_____ ways to

relax﹗Take part in sports and out-of-class activities.

Try to get at least eight hours of sleep every night. Eat

a healthy, balanced diet that includes all kinds of food.

Talk with your c______ friends, family members or

teachers. It’ll make you feel better, and they maybe

able to give you advice and help you solve your p_____.





◆ A small movement of the mouth or nose, or a wink(眨眼)

of the eye – these actions can say much more than

a______ they say to you.


◆ That day I went with my mum to drop my sister off at

the gym. As my mum stopped at a red light, s_____

on the road caught my eye. It was a man dressed in

rags (破旧衣服). He was homeless.



◆ Florence was very fond of playing with her dolls(玩

具娃娃),. Her favourite g_____ was pretending that

herdolls were sick and she took care of them and

they became h_______ again.




◆ It was clear thatthe dog’s leg was s________ hurt

and the old man looked very upset. The dog seemed

to know its owner’s w______. It didn’t make any

sound to show its pain.


◆ Seeing this , Florence jumped down from her horse

immediately and e_______ the dog’s leg carefully.



◆ The cost of running the library has risen fast in these

fast in these years, and the library does not have

enough money to c______ its work.



◆ While the city has seen a big i_______ in the number

of blue-sky days by moving chemical factories away

from the city, it still faces many difficulties to improve

its air quality.

◆ More than 200,000 members of Beijing’s driving

association(协会) are being asked to leave their cars

at home at least one day a month in the hope of

i______ the air quality in the capital.



◆ No one knows the reason why a person becomes

right-handed or left-handed. It is not caused by the way

in which his parents educate him. In other words, a

person is ________ to be right-handed or left-handed.

( taught born asked made )

◆ London has become a cycle friendly area after the

of a new bike hire(租用) project. It has been designed

to e______ more people to cycle in and around

central London.



◆ Nancy is an animal lover. She grew up on a farm

where there were cows and chickens. As she grew

older, she starts to eat l___ meat. One day she realized

that she had stopped eating meat. It had never seemed

r_____ to her that animals were fed to be killed for food.




◆ Xintiandi is a great place for young people, but it may

be a little n______ for older visitors﹗A quieter place

is Park 97,near the west gate of Fuxin Park.


◆ However, a study shows that wearing modern

running shoes is bad for your health. “Don’t throw

out your o______ running shoes. They are better

than modern ones,” the study suggests.


◆ “Life is speeding up. Everyone is becoming unwell.”

This may sound like something someone would say

t_____. But in fact, an unknown person who lived in

Rome in AD 53 wrote it.



◆ People saw the world’s most advanced technologies

and g______ ideas in action last year, not only inside

the pavilions at the Shanghai World Expo, but also

on the street outside.


◆ Although people can do different sports with the help

of equipment, running is still the s______ way to




◆ We all love new inventions and we are used to

depending on the wonderful inventions. But have all

these developments r______ improved the quality of

our lives.


◆ The flight took off, and I experienced the usual sick

feeling in my stomach. I had taken some travel sickness

pills, but these n_____ seem to make me feel better.

I missed lunch and sat in my seat to try to sleep.


◆ His work for the day was a______ finished, and now

he had only one letter with him to send to Mrs. Green.


◆ Without stress(压力), we would never learn anything

orgrow or change. We would p_____ be bored to death.



◆ Dinah’s mother wished very much for her child to

learn how to read, but the lady who tried to teach her

s_____ gave up. “It’s no use,’ she said.”Danah will

not learn. She is too lazy to do anything.”


◆ Youneed to be very experienced to understand

what you see c_______.


◆ We are going to leave Singapore on20th December.

Singapore will be warm t______, but the weather in

Tokyo will be cold. It will be very cold at night.


◆ When he entered the store, he showed the bag of ink

to a clerk and told her that he was returning some

things. She was too busy and said nothing. Not knowing

e_______ what to do, Adrain put a bag in a push- cart

and started shopping.



◆ Find a friend who has the same interest to run with.

Some of the greatest friendships might have been

_______ during training runs.

( gained happened discovered connected)

◆ I’m not a good traveler. I suffer from car sickness, sea

sickness and air sickness. Sometimes I feel ill when

Iam riding a bicycle! Therefore I _____before I

accepted an invitation from my sister, Lucy, to join her

for aholiday inHawaii.

( agreed received hesitated refused)


I’ve finally arrived in London. We flew

in from Italy yesterday morning, and at

first I thought that the airline had lost

my bags because I had to wait for hours,

but then I found out that my bags had

missed the plane in Rome and so they

had to put them on a later f_________.



In the 1950s and 1960s, Russia and America were both very interested in

space exploration( 探索,探测). Each country wanted to sent the first satellite to the moon. In 1957, Russia sent the first satellite into space. The name of the satellite was Sputnik. It was only as big as a basketball, but it was the s________ of the space race.



Peter became very rich by the time he was 22, but he was shy and modest(谦虚的).He was always polite, and he was loved by both his teammates and the players in other teams. He worked hard to develop the game and to encourage young and often poor boys to work hard and do well. There is no better e_______ for sportsmen and women today to copy.