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Gun control of a limited age. -Denise M ichael . Restricted age Gun sales Statics Court cases Amendment rights. Gun Control. I am proposing this law because many young kids/students are being killed. I feel we need a stricter law to control the violence in the society today .

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Gun control

Gun Control

Proposed law

Proposed law

Common goods -protects people more -keeps the guns off the streets -more information on background checks because they the people are older.

Court cases

  • Heller v. District of being killed.Columbia

  • -confirmed that the Second Amendment means what it says: "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

  • -While the courts are still sorting out Heller's implications, politicians should not assume that they have a free hand to restrict private gun ownership

Court Cases

Court cases1

  • McDonald v. being killed.Chicago

  • -applied the Second Amendment rights to the states

  • - what government cannot do is deny the individual interest in self-defense. As a legal matter, that debate is settled.

Court Cases

Current event

  • Sandy Hook School being killed.shootings

  • -the killer/gunman was under the age of 25

  • -mental health

  • -semi-automatic gun along with hand guns were used in this shooting

Current Event

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