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PPT by: Aaron Edwards. Dragonseye. Anne McCaffrey with her 2005 Grand Master of Science Fiction, Nebula Award. Anne McCaffrey. Born in 1926 Started the Dragonrider world with Dragonflight in 1967 Has published 22-25 Pern books with 2 by her son Todd McCaffrey

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anne mccaffrey

Anne McCaffrey with her 2005 Grand Master of Science Fiction, Nebula Award

Anne McCaffrey
  • Born in 1926
  • Started the Dragonrider world with Dragonflight in 1967
  • Has published 22-25 Pern books with 2 by her son Todd McCaffrey
  • She is 82 years old and lives in Ireland at her house fans call the Dragonhold
characters protagonist
Characters Protagonist

K’vin Bronze Charanth’s rider Weyr leader of TelgarWeyr

Zulaya Gold Meranath’s rider Weyrwoman of TelgarWeyr

P’tero Blue Ormonth’s Rider TelgayWeyr

Debera Green Morath’s Rider DragonlingTelgarWeyr

Artist Iantine

The College Staff:


Bethany JemmySallisha

more main characters
More main characters

Gallian, son of Lord Jamson of High Reaches Hold

Master Jol of the Liliencamp Traders

Vergerin cousin to Chalkin and guessed that he was cheated out of his rights

characters antagonist
Characters Antagonist
  • Chalkin- past Holder of Bitra
  • Thread- mindless threat on the planet Pern
favorite character
Favorite character

My favorite character has to be Debera. She is fun and a great character. She disobeys her dad and goes to Telgar’s hatching where she impresses Morath. You see in the book the as she grows up and learns weyr tradition that she is a great person. She cares about other people as you see with the help see gives Iantine.

least favorite character
Least Favorite Character


  • Chalkin is a greedy Holder.
  • He runs Bitra Hold with strictness and cruelty.
  • Closes his borders so people can’t escape the eminence of Thread.
  • Put on trial and banished to an outlining island so as to not cause any more problems.
  • Uses the Charter to his advantage and disregards it when it does not soot him.
  • Winter solstice meeting of leaders
  • TelgarWeyr’s training over Fort Hold
  • Preparations are in way for Thread
  • The College’s decision on a Rosetta stone
  • Teachers figure out a new way to teach people
rising action
Rising Action
  • Iantine does his paintings for Bitra Hold
  • The Hatching at Telgar which introduces Debera
  • Training for the Lords for the treat of Thread
  • Teachers begin to make new curriculum
  • Bitra closes its borders and Thread is coming and people are dying.
  • The Trials of the guards of the Bitran borders on charges of rape, murder, not following the laws of the Charter
  • The impeachment and exile of Lord Chalkin
falling action
Falling Action
  • The winter solstice arrives
  • People are busy with preparing for the next year
  • Iantine works on many portraits and sketches

Vergerin is made the new Lord Holder of Bitra

The dragonseyes are brought to the Conclave and are being installed in every weyr

Thread falls and the weyrs are ready, they succeed in their first Fall


The planet Pern

  • Pern is the third planet in the Rukbat System
  • The star Rukbatis actually a real star.
  • Education
  • Abuse
  • Unknown Rights
  • Types of Government
my social issue
My Social Issue


In the book the common people get into trouble because they are uneducated and they aren’t able to read their rights given to them in the Charter. There are many things in education that governments and communities fight over. There are debates ranging from music education to how much money any district can have even here in Utah.

definition of education
Definition of Education

What do you think it is?

  • Education has been around and as an issue for far longer than any of us have been around
  • Romans developed a system of education that is still some what used
what there is in the u s
What there is in the U.S.
  • Music
  • The Arts
  • P.E.
  • Health
utah and canyons district
Utah and Canyons District
  • Diplomas
  • Equalization
  • Sports
  • Bilingual education