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Tripod-United. Operation SCAMPER. Targets. We targeted on a few group of people in our community : Children Teenagers Adults Elderly. Children. Problems Noisy and loud disturbing neighbours Can not handle and will damage electronics Spills food and drinks daily .

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tripod united


Operation SCAMPER


We targeted on a few group of people in our community :

  • Children
  • Teenagers
  • Adults
  • Elderly


  • Noisy and loud disturbing neighbours
  • Can not handle and will damage electronics
  • Spills food and drinks daily


  • A tasty tibit that can last very long
  • Create a protecting barrier protecting it from scartches
  • A simple to use mechanism that will clean up messes easily
teenagers home school
Teenagers Home/School


  • Lazy to tidy up worksheets and clean tables
  • Stressed during pre-examination periods
  • Needed to throw rubbishes without disrupting lessons


  • An invention that will sort out worksheets and stationary easily
  • An interactive and interesting fishtank or plant to reduce stress
  • A pencil case that also consist of a rubbish container


  • Smokes indoor and nowhere to throw cigarettes
  • Waking up early in the morning to work
  • Easily forgets things


  • A product that is able to hold cigarettes and consist of a vendilation fan to clear the air
  • An alarm clock that shreds money until the alarm is turned off
  • An application on phones that creates a reminder to do things


  • Unable to walk far distances
  • Food easily stuck in dentures
  • Cannot see words that are in smaller fond


  • A foldable chair that can also be used as a walking stick
  • A portable toothpick holder with a mirror installed
  • A pair of glasses that can magnify the vision by a few times
the awesome o mighty bin pencil case 3000 d yay
The Awesome o Mighty Bin Pencil Case 3000 :D YAY!

After much consideration,

We finalized the simplest and cheapest solution is…………..

before product
Before product
  • A plastic pencil case with a large compartment to store rubbish inclusive of a eraser dust collector , sharpener and a pumper to pump out rubbish
  • Small compartment on the side to store pens and pencils
the much more awesome o mighty bin pencil case 9000 d omg so awesome
The Much More Awesome o Mighty Bin Pencil Case 9000 D: OMG! so awesome

After much time and effort spent on the SCAMPER template ,

We successfully upgraded and SCAMPER-IZED

our product to……

what is sooo special about our scamper ized pencil case
What is SOOO special about our SCAMPER-IZED pencil case?
  • Firstly , it have a more awesome name
  • Secondly, it consist of a compartment to store rubbish
  • Thirdly , it have a disposable cover so that when you are bored of the colour or dirtied it , you can change it
  • Lastly , compartments can be use individually by sliding it out
we present you awesome o mighty bin pencil case 9000
We present you…….Awesome o Mighty Bin Pencil case 9000

Because of the lack of time and materials , we are only able to produce a prototype of the product.


removable disposable cover
Removable/Disposable cover

Able to change colours or when dirtied.

portable compartments by sliding
Portable Compartments-By sliding

Able to take out individual compartments when you do not need to take the whole thing with you

final prototype
Final Prototype

We can do better than this

thank you

Thank You

*Your Welcome*