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Things to do in Tampa

Get information about Tampa city and things to do when visit to Tampa.

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Things to do in Tampa

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  1. Things to do in Tampa Tampa is a situated on the west coast of Florida on Tampa Bay, close to the Gulf of Mexico. The population of this city is 346,037 according to 2011. The current location of Tampa was once populated by indigenous of the Safety Harbour lifestyle, specifically the Tocobaga and the Pohoy, who resided along the shoreline of Tampa Bay. It was researched by Spanish travellers in the Sixteenth century, leading to brief and aggressive disputes with the local individuals and the release of Western illnesses, which destroyed the unique local societies over the next few decades.

  2. Fort De Soto Helicopter Tour Get ready for a thrilling 60-mile helicopter trip around Tampa Bay. Fly over Davis Isle, the Florida Aquarium, Fort de Soto, and more.

  3. Downtown Tampa and Little Manatee River Helicopter Tour Identify some of the 500 dolphins area and manatee on this 42-mile scenic helicopter ride around the Tampa place. See the Little Manatee River, Davis Island, Downtown Tampa, and more.

  4. Busch Gardens and Alafia River Helicopter Tour Enjoy a chopper trip around Tampa such as fly-bys of Busch Garden, Alafia River, and town center Tampa. See close by sites from expense, like the rollercoasters and wildlife at Busch Garden, and the tall buildings of the big town.

  5. Tampa Bay Enjoy a picturesque chopper flight over Tampa, Davis Isle, and Hillsborough Bay. From roof level, view the Florida Aquarium, the University of Tampa, and the town center tall buildings. Capture a glance of dolphins swimming in the bay.

  6. Tampa Sunset Tour Increase above ordinary touring trips on this romantic antenna trip of the Tampa Bay area as the sun sets over town center tall buildings, Hillsborough River, Busch Gardens, and spectacular natural charm.

  7. Dolphin Watching Get an up-close look at Florida frolicking marine life. Panel a luxury boat and set cruise for the Boca Ciega Bay, whose relaxed waters provide a year-round organic environment for Bottlenose Dolphins.

  8. Best time to visit Tampa The best time to visit Tampa is considered as April to October months. Peak season is costly from low season because in peak season hotels, bars and pubs are full with crowed. If you want cheap hotels and flights, visit in Tampa city in low season.

  9. Major airlines fly to Tampa from London British Airways is the direct and Delta, American Airlines, Swiss, US Airways, Virgin Atlantic, United and Air Canada are non direct airlines which fly from London to Tampa. www.dearflight.co.uk

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