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  1. Physics Final Review

  2. Symbols and units NOTE Intro to MECHANICS Mechanics is the port of entry into physics. A job well donein mechanics will form a solid foundation for the rest of thesubject. CAUTION Do not confuse symbols with units. Here are some examples Here are some examples m represents mass t represents time F represents force v represents velocity W represents work etc. etc. kg kilograms for mass s seconds for time N newtons for force m/s meters/second for velocity J joules for work m meters for length etc. etc. Look! Some units use capital letters Time Force Mass Energy Symbols are letters used in formulas. Units are letters used in quantities. Note that we can change symbols at any time and use whatever symbols we like. Note that you will need to memorize the units because they are standardand cannot be changed and theyare mandated by law. For example It is the unit that identifies what the quantiy represents. d s 20 kg 22.5 s 400 N -200 J Introduction Click to continue

  3. BASIC QUANTITIES NOTE All other quantities in mechanics are derived from these basic three and areknown as “derived” quantities. Remember: Only these units are allowed in physics formulas! It is yourresponsibility to convert allquantities into basic units! UNIT Length meter Mass kilogram There are three basic quantities in mechanics. Got that? Time second Click to next slide Introduction Click to continue

  4. Formulas

  5. Formulas

  6. Formulas Hypotenuse is doubleopposite side

  7. From a past physics exam NOTE While the value for g is 9.8 m/s2, for quick practice,you may use 10 m/s2 to simplify your calculations.

  8. The End … and good luck!