water treatment plant n.
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Water Treatment Plant PowerPoint Presentation
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Water Treatment Plant

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Water Treatment Plant - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Water Treatment Plant. Water is pumped from the ground into filtering tanks. A combination of chlorine and ammonia are added. Water Treatment Plant. View of the filtering tanks. Water Treatment Plant. Water storage tank being filled. Water Treatment Plant. Below the filtering tanks.

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Presentation Transcript
water treatment plant
Water Treatment Plant
  • Water is pumped from the ground into filtering tanks.
  • A combination of chlorine and ammonia are added.
water treatment plant1
Water Treatment Plant
  • View of the filtering tanks.
water treatment plant2
Water Treatment Plant
  • Water storage tank being filled.
water treatment plant3
Water Treatment Plant
  • Below the filtering tanks.
water treatment plant4
Water Treatment Plant
  • Peeking at equipment
water treatment plant5
Water Treatment Plant
  • Flow meter tracks the amount of water being used.
water treatment plant6
Water Treatment Plant
  • Lab where water is tested several times a day.
sewage treatment plant
Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Filter that removes large particles.
sewage treatment plant1
Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Blowers agitate the sewage in the holding tanks.
sewage treatment plant2
Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Sewage being aerated.
  • Blower is on.
sewage treatment plant3
Sewage Treatment Plant
  • After solids settle out of the sewage the cleaned water flows through these channel to be chlorinated.
sewage treatment plant4
Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Water before it leaves the sewage treatment plant.
sewage treatment plant5
Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Solids go through this machine.
sewage treatment plant6
Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Watching slurry turn into solid.
sewage treatment plant7
Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Polymers are added to sludge to make it clump together.
sewage treatment plant8
Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Sludge becomes more solid.
  • Water is removed from solids by being squeezed between two belts.
sewage treatment plant9
Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Conveyor belt transfers dry solids to dumpster.
sewage treatment plant10
Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Dry solids falling into dumpster.
  • Solids in dumpster got to landfill.
sewage treatment plant11
Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Cleaned water from the sewage plant is pumped to these basins where it soaks into the ground and is returned to the aquifer.