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Unified School District #443 Dodge City Public Schools PowerPoint Presentation
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Unified School District #443 Dodge City Public Schools

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Unified School District #443 Dodge City Public Schools - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unified School District #443 Dodge City Public Schools. Programs and Strategies for English Language Learners. Presented by: Alan R. Cunningham Superintendent of Schools. Bianca Alvarez Parent Involvement Coordinator. Our Vision: “World Class Education”. The USD 443 Mission is…

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Unified School District #443 Dodge City Public Schools

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Unified School District #443Dodge City Public Schools

Programs and Strategies for English Language Learners

Presented by:Alan R. CunninghamSuperintendent of Schools

Bianca Alvarez

Parent Involvement Coordinator

our vision world class education
Our Vision: “World Class Education”

The USD 443 Mission is…

“To prepare our students to be capable, contributing participants in a changing world.”

USD 443 Vision is ...

“To provide a world class education through the effective instructional delivery of a guaranteed, viable curriculum to highly engaged students.”

dodge city public schools unified school district 443 board of education goals july 2010
Dodge City Public Schools - Unified School District 443Board of Education Goals July 2010

English Language Learners

ELL Students:3250+

(50% all students enrolled)

Migrant Students: 620

At Risk Students: 5311

(77.8% of all students enrolled)

Dodge City Public Schools

grade level organization
Grade Level Organization
  • Early Childhood Education –
    • Bright Beginnings Early Childhood Center
  • Kindergarten through Fourth Grade
    • Beeson Elementary School
    • Central Elementary School
    • Linn Elementary School
    • Miller Elementary School
  • Fifth and Sixth Grades
    • Comanche Intermediate Center
    • Soule Intermediate Center
  • Dodge City Middle School – Grades 7 and 8
  • Dodge City High School – Grades 9 through 12
  • Northwest Elementary School
  • Ross Elementary School
  • Sunnyside Elementary School
  • Wilroads Gardens Elementary

Delivery Models

  • Newcomers Classrooms- for students in grades 2-12.
  • Transition or “Structured Immersion” Classrooms- for students exiting the Newcomers programs who still need support to master language & instructional content.
  • All-Day Kindergarten– Through maximized LOB.

Dodge City Public Schools


Delivery Models

  • Paraprofessionals- assist students in the regular classrooms and provide native language support.
  • Extended Learning Time- including Summer School, Jump Start Kindergarten, and summer “Family Literacy Packets”.
  • Migrant Preschool Classroom - as a part of the Bright Beginnings Early Childhood Center (Head Start and Kansas At Risk Four Year Old).

Dodge City Public Schools


Challenges: Meeting Students’ Needs

  • Addressing the educational needs of a diverse and growing student population.
  • Student mobility & discontinuity of education.
  • Age-appropriate placement of students.
  • Number of years that a student can be served.
  • Adequate and equitable funding for additional facilities and time for learning, as well as timely interventions and enrichment opportunities.
  • Overcoming the effects of
  • geographic isolation in SW Kansas.
  • Implementing 21st Century Learning, including Career Pathways.

Average Increase of over 100 Students per year!


Challenges: Meeting Students’ Needs

  • Recruitment and retention of bilingual teachers and qualified paraprofessionals.
  • Additional classrooms to lower pupil/teacher ratios.
  • Parent involvement and empowerment.
  • Cultural assimilation in the schools and community.
  • Community advocacy for parents and students.

Dodge City Public Schools


Successes: Programs and Services

  • Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS)
  • Extended learning opportunities for students, including Summer School.
  • ESL Endorsement Program.
  • ASPIRA Program to “grow our own” teachers.
  • DCELA Program to “grow our own” teacher leaders and administrators.
  • Reading Specialist Program
  • University links with DCCC, KSU, ESU, FHSU, and Newman University.
  • Staff Development program focusing
  • on ESL strategies and techniques.
  • Para-educator training programs
  • Instructional Coaches
  • Family Liaisons

Dodge City Public Schools

successes programs and services
Successes: Programs and Services
  • Advanced and Enrichment Learning Opportunities
    • Advanced Placement and Honors Programs
    • Concurrent Enrollment Programs with DCCC
    • Gifted and Talented Education Program
    • Kansas Regents Curriculum
  • Career and Technical Education
  • Alternative Education Programs and Services
    • STRIDE Alternative School
    • STP – Short-term Suspension
    • JSRC – 16th Judicial District for Expelled Students

Successes: Student Achievement

  • Improvement in student achievement, despite barriers
  • and services limited by on-going budget reductions.
  • Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP under NCLB) attained by all eight K-4 schools.
  • Increased graduation rate / decreased dropout rate among Hispanic students
  • Expansion of Alternative Education opportunities, including the Adult Diploma Program.

Successes: Parent Involvement

  • Family Liaison in every building
  • District/Beef Plant Collaboration
  • MPAC Involvement
  • Skyward Family Access Training

Meeting the Needs of our English Language Learners

  • Nationally, a majority of ELL students are not at grade
  • level in Mathematics, Reading, and Science.
  • Academic disparity becomes more evident on secondary
  • level assessments.
  • Students who are not able to compete academically
  • because of language become disenfranchised.

Dodge City Public Schools


Meeting the Needs of our English Language Learners

  • Resource availability is often not sufficient, intensive, or timely.
  • Overcrowding diminishes quality instructional programs.
  • Multicultural awareness and education is needed.
  • Additional parent education is needed.
  • Limited community resources
  • to address daily needs of
  • students and their families.

Dodge City Public Schools


Meeting the Needs of our English Language Learners

  • To the extent that current human, facilities and financial resources allow, we have implemented appropriate levels of intervention for our ELL students.
  • There are many more ELL students and many more needs than our current assets allow us to address.
  • “It is not so much a matter of knowing what to do to meet the needs of our English Language Learners, as it is the adequacy of our current resources to meet the growing needs of our growing ELL population.”

Dodge City Public Schools



  • Levels of intervention available:
  • Newcomers classrooms
  • Transition or “Structured Immersion” classrooms,
  • Paraprofessional support in the “regular” classrooms.
  • Interventions for ELL students during MTSS

Dodge City Public Schools



  • Extended learning opportunities:
  • Summer School, Saturday School (at some schools), etc. Over 1600 participate in Summer School, with waiting lists for many classes.
  • Board of Education and community support for needed services, as seen in the maximized Local Option Budget levy.

Dodge City Public Schools


Thank You

for your interest in

Dodge City Public Schools!


Contact Information:Alan R. CunninghamSuperintendent of Schools(620)

Bianca Alvarez Parent Involvement Coordination(620)

PowerPoint available at: