2008 Annual Review
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2008 Annual Review. www.cslondon.org. Director. www.actionsustainability.com. Chair. www.cslondon.org. Shaun.mccarthy@cslondon.org. 2012 Olympics. Big. 2012 Olympics. The Olympic Games is the world’s largest sporting event Over 200 competing nations 17,000 Athletes and team officials

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2008 annual review

2008 Annual Review


2008 annual review






2012 olympics1
2012 Olympics

The Olympic Games is the world’s largest sporting event

  • Over 200 competing nations

  • 17,000 Athletes and team officials

  • 38 Sports

  • From 27th July 2012 for 16 Days

    The Paralympic Games is the world’s second largest sporting event

  • Over 160 competing nations

  • 4,000 Athletes and team officials

  • 23 Sports

  • From the 29th August for 12 Days

  • 55,000 Olympic Family members (athletes, officials, media representatives, VIPs, sponsors)

  • 500,000 ticketed spectators each day, 6 FA cup finals per day

  • 7.9 million spectators in total

  • 120,000 workforce and volunteers

  • 2012 olympics2
    2012 Olympics


    2012 olympics3
    2012 Olympics

    “Like building 2 Heathrow Terminal 5s in half the time” Alison Nimmo ODA Director

    • Venues

    • Transport infrastructure

    • Olympic Village

    • Catering

    • Logistics

    • Media centre

    • Legacy

      Many partners “Everybody wants a piece of this” I said that

    • ODA – facilities

    • LOCOG – staging the event

    • BOA – Elite sport

    • LDA – skills, employment, regeneration, legacy

    • GLA – policy and governance for London

    • HMG – National policy requirements

    • NHS – Health issues

    • 5 Host Boroughs

    • Nations & Regions Group

    • Sport UK – Participative sport

    • 90+ other stakeholders

    2012 olympics4
    2012 Olympics



    “ We want our One Planet Olympics to be the most complete and sophisticated expression of sustainable development ever delivered on a city-wide scale. We want it to benefit not just London and the UK, but to be a credit to the Olympic Movement as a whole.”

    Lord Coe, Environment Forum, 7 March 2005


    'We have set ourselves two very challenging aims - to stage not only the greatest Games ever but, as importantly, those Games in 2012 must be the most sustainable in the history of the modern Olympics. This overriding principle has been built into our plans from the word go and I am confident that with Shaun McCarthy’s expert leadership and this team he has recruited we will set the sustainability standards that will become the benchmark for the hosting of all future Olympic and Paralympic Games.'

    Former Mayor Ken Livingstone

    15 May 2007


    “My team and I are fully focussed on guaranteeing that London hosts a spectacular sporting event for athletes and spectators alike in 2012. Of equal importance is ensuring that the Olympic Park has a sustainable legacy and becomes a landmark district of 21st century London, which Londoners and visitors to our city can use and prosper from.” Boris Johnson

    Mayor Boris Johnson


    To provide independent assurance and commentary in order to enable the sustainability objectives of the London 2012 programme to be achieved and to support a sustainable legacy.

    What sustainability means to us
    What sustainability means to us…

    • A better standard of living for people in the host boroughs

    • New and affordable housing

    • An increase in the skills base for UK citizens

    • A culturally diverse society

    • People adapting to healthier ways of living

    • Long term job prospects

    • Access for people with all disabilities

    • Sites ready for sustainable, low impact development

    • Good environmental practice for the long term

    • Minimal impact on climate change and environment

    • Accessible public space over the long term

    How we operate
    How we operate…

    Olympic Board



    GLA Group



    UK SDC


    Gov. Depts.














    Core Commission



    Features benefits
    Features & Benefits…

    • Unprecedented,

      • to our knowledge, this has not been done before,

    • Objective evidence,

      • addresses the “instant experts”,

    • Enabler for delivery bodies,

      • allows them to get on with their job,

    • Sustainability sells,

      • Helps to attract responsible sponsors,

    • Towards a sustainable future?

      • a model for future Games…?

    2009 annual report

    46 People interviewed

    43 Strategy documents

    31 Sessions attended

    50+ Stakeholders consulted

    60 Pages

    15 recommendations

    1 salmon

    2009 Annual report





    “We have seen no evidence

    to date that cost reduction has led to any compromise of the published sustainability standards”

    “We believe that any event or messaging that carries the London 2012 brand should demonstrate exemplary standards of sustainability”

    “The ODA directors and senior managers demonstrated knowledge of, and commitment to the sustainability objectives”

    “We remain convinced that the Olympic Board remains committed to a sustainable Games and legacy ”


    “We remain to be convinced that legacy arrangements are more than a ‘standard’ urban regeneration project with some green elements added”

    “We believe there is a commercial imperative for sustainability”

    “OPLC must have sustainable development enshrined in its objectives”

    Climate change
    Climate change

    “We welcome the carbon footprint work to date and commend the innovative work by the ODA to reduce embodied impacts”

    “…there will always be a significant residual footprint that needs to be dealt with”

    “A substantial supply of renewable electricity will be required during Games-time and we consider this to be a significant challenge for LOCOG”

    “We expect to see the ODA set an example and deliver zero HFC for all venues”


    “The approach to demolition waste has been well-managed and represents best practice”

    “Zero waste to landfill is a bold objective and should set the standard for future Games and major events…”

    “ The ODA will procure approximately 10 Hectares of plastic to support staging the Games, most of this will need to be re-used or recycled…”

    “The opportunity to showcase ultra-low carbon energy during Games-time will be lost unless there is an injection of momentum…”


    “As impacts of climate change become more apparent, ecological connectivity will be key to maintaining diversity”

    “…opportunity for medium-term food, energy crop or flower growing…”

    “Wider aspects of sustainability should be addressed”

    “…plans focus almost exclusively on the Olympic park…”


    “Equality and inclusion objectives for the preparation stage represent a significant improvement on those generally set for the construction industry”

    “It is essential that LOCOG maximises use of the infrastructure and goodwill with the community…”

    “The excellent work being carried out by the ODA and LOCOG could be communicated more effectively…”

    Healthy living
    Healthy living

    “The ODA and LOCOG will need to have exemplary controls over air quality related emissions…”

    “We welcome the development of the sustainable food strategy…”

    “We believe that most (if not all) aspects of sustainability contribute in some way to healthy living”


    “…vehicles with 8 seats or less will have maximum CO2 emissions of 120g/km, there is no equivalent standard for busses…”

    “…Orient Way is a good example of best practice in sustainable construction, recycling, reuse and reduction in embodied CO2”

    “London 2012 will be the public transport Games”

    “…the extent to which truly innovative vehicles will be made available is not known…”

    Key messages
    Key messages

    • No evidence of reduction in sustainability due to cost cutting to date

    • ODA has embedded sustainability

      • But are we setting new standards for others?

    • LOCOG developing embedded strategies

      • But this must be for all branded events

    • OPLC must follow this example

    • Wider implications of carbon footprint

    • Waste to energy opportunity

    • Big challenges on the way

      • Food

      • Waste

      • Games-time electricity

      • Materials

      • Legacy

    2008 annual review

    Sustainable legacy?

    Go the extra mile!

    Geordie the salmon 2009


    Thank you for your attention