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Follow A SAM-Grid Job PowerPoint Presentation
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Follow A SAM-Grid Job

Follow A SAM-Grid Job

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Follow A SAM-Grid Job

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  1. Follow A SAM-Grid Job

  2. Grid Job Submission • Follows a job from user submission to submission to a site

  3. Job -> Site Submission User Interface User Interface Match Making Service Match Making Service Resource Selection Job is submitted to the Grid interface of the selected site. User submits a job Compute elements & grid services are made known to the Grid. Resources for the job are selected. external algorithm Submission Service Submission Service Information Collector Information Collector JOB Exec Site #1 Execution Site #n Grid/Fabric Interface Grid/Fabric Interface Grid/Fabric Interface Generic Service Generic Service Generic Service Computing Element Computing Element Computing Element Grid Sensors Grid Sensors Grid Sensors Grid Sensors Computing Element

  4. Within the Site • Follows a job once it has entered a site

  5. Fabric Level Job Management JOB Execution Site Job stores output from application Job enters the Site Local Sandbox created for job(user input, configuration, SAM client, GridFTP client, user credentials) Local services notified of job Batch Job submission details requested Job submitted Stdout, stderr, logs handed to Grid Push of monitoring info starts Job fetches Sandbox Job gets dependent products and input data Framework passes control to application Grid monitors status of job Job starts on Worker node User requests status of job Grid/Fabric Interface Grid/Fabric Interface Batch System Adaptor Batch System Adapter XML Monitoring Database XML Monitoring Database SAM Station SAM Station Sandbox Facility Sandbox Facility Batch System Batch System Worker Node Worker Node