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Developing a Constitution

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Developing a Constitution - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Developing a Constitution. 7-2.3. What is a Constitution?. A plan that outlines the rules for government. Does the government have complete control?. NO!. What are its purposes?. Explains goals and ideals people share. (Preamble)

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what is a constitution
What is a Constitution?

A plan that outlines the rules for government.

what are its purposes
What are its purposes?
  • Explains goals and ideals people share. (Preamble)
  • Explains the set up of government and defines the power and duties of people in charge.
  • Defines the supreme law for a country, government’s boundaries, and rights of the citizens.
what kind of rights does our constitution give us
What kind of rights does our Constitution give us?

Look at page 422 in your books.

Look at page 431 in your books.

why do historians believe a constitution is always incomplete
Why do historians believe a constitution is always incomplete?
  • It is impossible to outline EVERY law or idea of a government and its people.
  • It should be flexible enough to change with the times and meet the needs of the people.
your turn
Your Turn!

With a partner, you are going to create a mini Constitution for ROMS. Your Constitution should have:

  • A preamble that states what “we, the students and faculty of ROMS” believe and at least 3 goals we have for our school.
  • At least 5 “laws” or rules that everyone at this school must follow… students AND faculty!
  • A list of 7 or more rights that all people, faculty AND students, should have.
  • Make it neat!
  • Have at least 5 COLORED and neatly drawn pictures.