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Arab Republic of Egypt The Egyptian Information Society Initiative EISI- Government PowerPoint Presentation
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Arab Republic of Egypt The Egyptian Information Society Initiative EISI- Government

Arab Republic of Egypt The Egyptian Information Society Initiative EISI- Government

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Arab Republic of Egypt The Egyptian Information Society Initiative EISI- Government

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  1. Arab Republic of Egypt The Egyptian Information Society Initiative EISI- Government Dr. Ahmed M. Darwish

  2. Egyptian Information Society Culture Health Learning Business Commerce Government Access

  3. Transformation EISI-Government Program Government Now Delivers

  4. Presentation Summary Vision Strategy Components Harvest Delivering high quality government services to the public where they are and in the format that suits them. Utilizing CIT to enhance government readiness to accept a strong local program and to smoothly integrate in the global community Basic infrastructure New model for service delivery Back office automation Economic databases Government gateway TE online billing Birth Certificates ID replacement College enrollment Safaga

  5. Vision Delivering services to customers at their finger tips according to their taste and style with appropriate efficiency and allowing them to participate in the decision making process Thus, … ICT is only a tool not an objective in it sown Customers: Citizens, Business men, Investors, Companies, …

  6. Objectives • Tailoring government services to meet citizens expectations. • Creating a conducive environment to investors. • Availing accurate and updated government information. • Increasing Government efficiency through modern management techniques and new working models. • Reducing government expenditure • Fostering local competitiveness and increasing globalization readiness

  7. Objectives and Components

  8. Government wide initiative not MCIT owned Outsourcing implementation Public Private Partnership Encouraging new models for financing Non-centralization Incentive programs for adoption and ICT employees … Policies and Strategies

  9. Service Centers Telephony Internet Companies Investors Suppliers اCitizens Networks Bawaba Government Network Firewalls (Ministries National Database Infrastructure PKI Networks Standards Security Specifications E-Payment Standards Special service needs Application development Doc. Classification & Handling E-Signature

  10. Work Flow • Authentication • Security and Privacy • Accrediting Information • Payment • Transaction • Authentication • Security and Privacy • Accrediting Information • Notarization

  11. Challenges and Solutions

  12. Work Groups • Legal groupE- Signature  • E-Contracting • Cyber crime • Technical groupNetworking Information security • Interoperability • Document management • PKI  • Services for special needs • Financial groupe-Payment framework ~

  13. Government e-readiness Microsoft, Oracle and IBM Contracts

  14. Why an Internet Gateway

  15. Scattered - scenario Problems: • Data inconsistency/ Security • Information sharing • Economic cost of implementation. Taxes Health Justice Housing

  16. RE AE DBE Taxes Health Justice Housing MC MC MC MC Gateway- Scenario

  17. Why a Gateway? Integrate with multipleback ends Connect various platforms Customer centric interface Higher security and privacy Higher return on Investment

  18. Gateway Design

  19. Financial Institutions Portal Gateway Brokers Business men Information and services Citizens Ministries Egyptian Bawaba

  20. The future of government services Represents the new government philosophy in serving citizens. Service outreach and 24x7 accessibility. Inaugurated last January

  21. Interface Citizen centric, Investor focused Customer relation management culture( services at fingertips) Instead of the traditional government oriented culture


  23. Service Provision Implementation methodology: romote rove concept rioritize ilot projects artners Deploy P

  24. Service Levels • Information services. • Inquiry services. • Full transaction. • Integration between agencies • Push Vs Pull • Interaction • Personalization based on AI.

  25. Harvest? 580 Info Services (L1) 17 Query/Transaction Services (L2/L3) Inquiry and payment of Telephone bill Inquiry of electric bill Birth certificate Lost National ID replacement University enrollment application Tax and Customs filing follow-up Car License … Currently tackling all 20 EU bench mark

  26. Service ProvisionPart of a complete plan Access: Internet at local call cost IT Clubs, Post offices, … PC for every home (affordable PC)

  27. Back Office Automation • System analysis, Design, and technical support for : • Financial Systems (Budget-Accounting-Procurement –Inventory) • Administrative systems (Human Resources – payroll) • Document and Information exchange. • Internal workflow. • So far we have achieved the following: • ERP systems: 6 Ministries. • Archiving: 6 Ministers’ offices. • Workflow: over 28 government agencies •  Positive impact on the services provision project.

  28. Government network • Establishing a government network to: • Secure a smooth flow of information and documents between government bodies. • Complement the government automation efforts and support the new model for delivering government services. • The government network is designed to: • Link all government bodies internally through an intranet system, and externally to the internet. • Ensure efficient utilization of the current telephone network. • .

  29. Governorates Concept: Convenient service to governorates residents Tools Model Service center Pilots Safaga Alexandria

  30. Economic Databases • ِAvailing accurate and updated information to • Decision makers: To help them in the planning process. • Investors: To give them a complete vision about the market and the risks and returns expected. • Government: Easy and secure data exchange. • .

  31. Return on Investment

  32. True Challenges!! It is very easy to get two computers to talk to each other … Try to do the same with government employees and government agencies !! OH

  33. Where are we? Step three on a very long road … But for sure it would have been longer if we did not start When will the program end? The cycle of progress never ends … OH

  34. Thank You For more information please visit or contact us at OH