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Washington County 4-H

Washington County 4-H. Economic Stimulus Presentation Date: March 17, 2009 Presented By: John Strohfus . Agenda Introductions Issue Summary 4-H Overview 4-H Funding Summary 4-H Economics 101 4-H and the County Fair. Introductions John Strohfus Current Woodbury Resident

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Washington County 4-H

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  1. Washington County 4-H Economic Stimulus Presentation Date: March 17, 2009 Presented By: John Strohfus

  2. Agenda • Introductions • Issue Summary • 4-H Overview • 4-H Funding Summary • 4-H Economics 101 • 4-H and the County Fair

  3. Introductions John Strohfus • Current Woodbury Resident • Grew up in Denmark Township • Sunnyside 4-H Club Alumni • Hastings High School Graduate 1993 • St. Cloud State University Graduate 1998 • Currently Employed By Accenture • Small Business Owner • Homepages Etc., Inc. (http://www.homepages-etc.com) • RSVP America, LLC (http://www.rsvp-america.com) • Strohfus Stock Farm (http://www.strohfusstockfarm.com)

  4. Issue Summary • 100% 4-H budget cut is being considered by the County Commissioners • County Funding is necessary to fund 4-H Educational Program Coordinators • U of M Extension rule requires that a County Program Coordinator must exist to have County Fair judging and award State Fair trips • 4-H members will be stop attending the fair as there will be no judging or awards available to them. • Lack of 4-H participation means less attractions (12 of 18 buildings at the Fairgrounds are 4-H). • Fewer attractions means less overall attendance which will in-turn discourage vendors from exhibiting. • If 4-H fails, the County Fair will fail. • Business Economy will have a negative $1.1M (or greater) impact.

  5. 4-H Overview • More than 750 youth participate in 4-H club and site-based programs in Washington County. Site-based programs reached 289 at risk youth this year and have expanded to six locations in the county. • 1,250 parents/grandparents/guardians are engaged in the program with more than 200 volunteers to help make Washington County 4-H a rewarding experience for youth. • Washington County 4-H members, their families and adult volunteers contributed more than 16,000 hours of community service in the county last year. That's a value of $289,000 to county residents. (Based on the Independent Sector Volunteer hour calculation of $18.04.hour.) The 18 community clubs average five community service projects a year. • Over the past five years, 4-H has contributed more than 80,000 hours of community service to residents of Washington County. That's a value of $1.4 million dollars! • Some Examples of community service include: • Collecting 7,500 pounds of food for county food shelves • Shipping 34 care packages to U.S. service men and women • Sewing 70 quits for teens at Gillette Children's Hospital • Picking up trash in county parks and ditches • Leading after school arts and activity programs for underserved youth living in Washington County • Donations to Toys for Tots • Salvation Army Bell Ringing • Nursing home and veteran’s home visits • Leading a safety festival for 500 youth in Early Childhood and Family Development in Lake Elmo • Removing buckthorn vegetation from Camp Kawanis in Marine on St. Croix. • Preparing car care kits for those in need.

  6. These three full truckloads of food were collected by local members for Riverside Routers Denmark Township food drive.  The Give to Gobble Food Drive also happens on the county level around Thanksgiving each year.

  7. Site: Lincoln Place Apartments, Mahtomedi Who: Adult and youth volunteers come to Lincoln Place Apartments’ community room in Mahtomedi When: Weekly Who served: Over a dozen K-5th graders who live in a Section 8 subsidized housing complex with 48 units (more than 50% of the residents that are in this age group participate) What they do: Provide weekly after-school 4-H program as well as an additional weekly program during the summer months to at-risk youth below the poverty level Projects: Numerous cooking activities based on nutrition lessons, planting terrariums, field trips to farms and the county fair, Garbage Bustin’ units covering reduce-reuse-recycle principles, and a wide variety of additional hands-on projects

  8. Site: Lincoln Place Apartments, Mahtomedi • “It’s rare for these kids to have adults in their lives that they know really care about them — when the 4-H team arrives, the kids come flying out to the parking lot, saying ‘They’re here!’ The children have gained so much, from discovering how to cook healthy things while Mom is at work, to experiencing things you can’t learn in school. In addition, 4-H helped us connect the youth in this apartment, and elsewhere in the community, with services from other agencies; working with 4-H helped us get our foot in the door and leverage some other grants.” • –Becky Wilson-Abbott, community education outreach

  9. How is 4-H Funded?

  10. 4-H Economics 101

  11. Business Impact • Aamodt Apple Orchards • Abbott's Paint • ABC Lumber • Acapulco • Ace Hardware • Advanced Sportswear • Arby's • Archivers • Axdahls • Bear Patch Quilting • Big Marine Store • Bombay Elevator • BP Gas • Buberl Hay • Buell's Nursery • Burger King • Byron Anderson Farm • Camp Kwanis • Charlette's Quilting Web • Chipotle • Chris Taylor Farm • Chuck & Don's • Cub Foods • Culver's • Dave Jacobson Horseshoeing • Dick's Sporting Goods • Festival Foods • Fleet Farm • Fluegels • Freedom Gas • Gander Mountain • Gourman's • Green Acres • Hagberg's • Hancock Fabrics • Herman Farms • Holiday • Home Depot • Houles Farm Garden & Pet • Hugo Feed Mill • Hyvee • JoAnn Fabrics • Joseph's Restraunt • Kmart • Kohls • Kwik Trip • Lanoux Stables • Larson Mechanics • Marathon • Maurices • McDonald's • Menards • Michaels • Millhouse Veterinary • Napa Auto Parts • Natural Hoofcare • Office Max • Perkins • Pet Images Country Inn • Petco • Petsmart • Proex • Radio Shack • Rainbow Foods • Round Up Ridge • Rustic Gardens Nursery • Sam's Club • St. Croix Saddlery • Starbucks • Stillwater Farm Store • Stillwater Veterinary • Strohfus Stock Farm • Subway • Super America • Taco Bell • Target • Todd's Home Center • Trader Joe's • Vet South Shore • Walmart • Wild Mountain • Windy Ridge Ranch

  12. Business Impact (Cont.)

  13. 4-H and the County Fair

  14. County Fair - Vendor Example 1 “Hope the Washington County Fair is coming together as you have been planning. Most people don’t have a clue as to what it takes to plan such an event. The Washington County Fair is a place for family and friends to gather, something like a reunion. I bring my 9 year old son with me and he has made friends with some 4-H members, especially in the swine barn! It would be disappointing to see 4-H eliminated because without 4-H, there will be NO fair! I am letting you know an estimate of the revenue left in the county during fair week. • Rooms at a motel = $1,100.00 • Fuel = $200.00 • Food $150.00 plus what is spent at the fair itself. It is a pleasure to be part of The Washington County Fair.”

  15. County Fair - Vendor Example 2 • Fees paid to vend at the fair (includes booth fee, electricity, truck parking) = $1000 • Ice purchased locally = $125 • Soda and water purchased locally = $350 • Meat products purchased locally = $1125 • Admission fees for workers over the 5-day fair =$432 • Money spent by employees for food/gas over the 5-day fair = $684 • Approximate gross sales over the 5-day fair = $19,000

  16. Fund 4-H! Save the County Fair! Stimulate the Economy!

  17. Appendix

  18. How is 4-H Funded? (cont.) • First, of the $66 million Extension budget, 22% comes from County funding, while the other 78% comes from Federal, State and Gifts, Grants and Program Income. Of the County funds, roughly 58% (state wide average) of all county Extension funds are in MOA agreements for staff. The remaining 42% of county funds are retained at the County level and are used for operating the county office (support staff, office space, computers, paper etc) • A second way to look at Extension funding is to look at the percent of staff in each program area. A total of 27.6% of the Extension Service staff, on an FTE basis, is for 4-H Youth Development. Again, if we look at the total budget for Extension of $66M, and for simplistic purposes, proportion budgets evenly across staff this would give an approximate support level of $18.22 million for Youth Development and 4-H. • Of this $18.22 million, approximately $5.8 million comes from the counties through MOA's paying for county based 4-H staff. The remainder of $12.5 Million is funding from Extension using Federal, State, Gifts, Grants and Program Income funds.

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