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School District No. 78 (Fraser Cascade)

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School District No. 78 (Fraser Cascade). Preliminary 2009/2010 Budget. Budget Key Dates. Feb- Minister announces Provincial Funding Feb 13- Enolment projections due from District Mar 15- Minister announces Operating Grants Mar-April- Draft Budget Developed Apr 30- Lay-offs announced

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school district no 78 fraser cascade

School District No. 78(Fraser Cascade)

Preliminary 2009/2010 Budget

budget key dates
Budget Key Dates

Feb- Minister announces Provincial Funding

Feb 13- Enolment projections due from District

Mar 15- Minister announces Operating Grants

Mar-April- Draft Budget Developed

Apr 30- Lay-offs announced

June 30- Latest date for Board Approval of Prelim budget

budget overview
Budget Overview


Ministry Funding

District Revenue

Staffing Expenses

Other Expenses

provincial budget
Provincial Budget

The government announced in the 2009 budget speech that operating grant funding to school districts would be maintained at previously announced funding levels.

Over the next 3 years while K-12 budgets increase, enrolments decline resulting in increasing funding levels per pupil.

provincial budget1
Provincial Budget

The cost of labour settlements province-wide is predicted at $100 million.

The government added $84 million overall to school district budgets, for a total of $4.551 billion in funding.

The result is an overall short-fall in provincial funding of $16 million for staffing alone.

provincial budget2
Provincial Budget

Collectively school districts will be required to achieve $12 Million in admin. savings per year to be redirected to classrooms.

The admin. savings for our District translate to approximately $60,000.

provincial budget3
Provincial Budget

The funding received will have to address

wage settlement costs

increasing benefit costs

supplementary costs in Special Education, ESL, distance learning

inflation and carbon neutrality

ministry funding
Ministry Funding

The supplement for enrolment decline continues to be in place.

The supplement for transportation is still frozen at the amount established in 2002/03.

A holdback of $71.1 million is being held in reserve to meet the requirement of additional enrolment that occurs during the school year. Any remaining funds will be distributed after 09/10 counts are complete.

ministry funding1
Ministry Funding

Currently we now have 3 Strong Start centers at Coquihalla Elementary, Boston Bar Elementary/Secondary and Kent Elementary.

The District has applied for a fourth center to be located at Silver Creek Elementary.

ministry funding2
Ministry Funding

The holdback will address any DL requirements, and other special student costs.

As was the case last year we are now responsible for funding our Employee future benefit expense. This has meant setting aside approximately $150,000 to fund the liability.

The Ministry is continuing to fund Grades 10 to 12 on a course basis rather than a base amount plus course count.

ministry funding3
Ministry Funding

Summer School Enrolment will continue to be funded by the Ministry of Education. Students will be funded at $200 per course if not a full program and $400 per course if full curriculum.

The existing Literacy grant is expected to continue. It will be allocated out to schools for library support.

ministry funding4
Ministry Funding

Pressures include

- loss of GAAP grant

- loss of 08/09 enrollment decline grant $(127,053.00)

-predicted decline of approximately 50 to 60 FTE

-increasing age of staff with attendant pressures on replacement costs

moe funding
MOE Funding

This is the first year the District has received Funding Protection. This is given to Districts so they do not receive less money than they had in the previous year.

As can be seen we will receive $51,272 more. This additional amount is being funded through the MOE rather than through BCPSEA as it was last year. It is the additional amount the District received for compression issues for excluded staff.

moe funding1
MOE funding

For every additional student or identified student and for summer school, we will not receive additional funding until the total surpasses $78,640.

With the additional enrolment projected by principals of approximately 20 FTE, the District will still receive the same funding.

district revenue 2009 10 2008 09
District Revenue2009/10 2008/09

Provincial funding $ 17,047,881 $ 16,996,609

LEA funding $ 2,283,346 $ 2,283,346

Community Link $ 340,026 $ 340,026

Pay Equity $ 229,516 $ 229,516

Literacy $ 35,100 $ 35,100

Exempt Salary $ - $ 92,472

French Grants $ 6,900 $ 6,900

RSL $ 12,500 $ 12,500

Summer School $ 11,000 $ 11,000

Strong Start $ 140,000 $ 110,000

International fees (net) $ 200,000 $ 235,000

Rent/misc $ 36,440 $ 25,250

Interest $ 60,000 $ 60,000

Total $20,446,269 $20,437,819

administrative changes
Administrative Changes

The District has decided not to replace the District Principal position with the resignation of the Superintendent. This will save the District approximately $125,000.

The District is also phasing out the position of BCESiS coordinator. This position has gradually been reduced and will now be eliminated. This is currently a .5 FTE position and will save the District approximately $40,000.

administrative changes cont
Administrative Changes (cont.)

The V/Principal’s in the District will pick up some of the duties previously performed at the Board Office. A budget of $20,000 has been set aside for release time

The District Helping Teacher time has been maintained at.35 FTE to continue to assist with special education.

summary of admin savings
Summary of Admin. Savings

District Principal $ 102,000

District Prin. Ben. $ 23,000

BCESiS Coord. $ 40,000

Release time for Princ $ (20,000)

Balance For Instruction $ 145,000

Currently also reviewing school principal allocations

other cost saving measures
Other Cost Saving Measures

The District has signed the Climate Action Charter which means we now must be Carbon neutral by 2010. We have begun by starting student training on environmental issues which will hopefully result in lower energy costs.

We are going to continue to look at scheduling opportunities to reduce transportation costs.

cost saving measures
Cost Saving Measures

We are cutting back on the Cultural events offered by the District.

We are reviewing the swim program to ensure it meets the needs of our students.

We are reviewing changing the length of day for our elementary SEA’s to fit the instructional day.

cost saving measures1
Cost Saving Measures

We are reducing our Grounds work to one employee from two. This means we will not be maintaining our fields to the same standard as previously.

We are reducing our Technology support from 2 FTE to 1.4 FTE.

We will continue to hold meetings outside of the regular school day whenever possible.

cost pressures
Cost Pressures

The District must continue to maintain a reasonable level of technology through the ever-greening plan.

The same is true for the shop equipment so we are putting a plan together to address this as well.

cost pressures1
Cost Pressures

The District has to replace their current accounting software package. The current package will no longer be supported. This will cost the District approximately $70,000 in 2009/2010.

new spending
New Spending

We will be offering dual credit courses in conjunction with the UFV. The money will come out of the rent they pay for our facility.

We will be starting an AVID program in the District.

new initiatives
New Initiatives

The District is rolling out the MY BUDGET FILE for the principals to use in the budgeting process. This is web-based software that will help principals in their planning of expenditures.

The information can automatically be uploaded to our accounting software.

It will provide real time accurate information to principals and district staff.