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Iron ore
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Iron ore

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  1. “azbil” Solutions for Steel Plant Iron making Steel making Continuous casting Rolling Main products Rail Sheet pile Shape Pellet Coke Section mill Bar Wire rod Sintered ore Iron ore Limestone Wire rod mill Plate Hot direct rolling (HDR) Plate mill Billet Hot metal Hot rolled coil and sheet Hot strip mill Basic oxygen furnace (BOF) Bloom Cold rolled coil and sheet (also for plating) Cold rolling tandem mill Slab Blast furnace (BF) Welded pipe Butt welded pipe Welded pipe mill Scrap Electric arc furnace (EAF) Seamless pip Seamless pipe mill Reheating furnace Steel casting Integrated Open DCS Field Instrument & Control Valves

  2. A Suggestion at Tuyere of Blast Furnace Blast Furnace Arithmetic and Control Unit(DCS or Sequencer ) A Entrance(Cooling water) B Exit(Cooling water) ALARM(Leakage detected) • A-B(Flow rate difference) <Target(Normal) • A-B(Flow rate difference) >Target(Abnormal) High accuracy complies with reliable monitoring on cooling water leakage at tuyere! Damaged pipe, Cooling water leakage ⇒Steam Explosion Most Important Monitor Point

  3. Since cooling water leakage is very important factor to monitor, very small leakage must strictly be measured. A company in Japan Flow rate range: 0-800 L/min Targeted differential flow rate: A-B<3 L/min Differential flow rate: Below than 0.375% of full scale B company in Korea Flow rate range: 0-500 L/min Targeted differential flow rate: A-B<5 L/min Differential flow rate: below than 1.0% of full scale *) Accuracy of Electro-magnet Flow meter: ±0.5% of reading Differential Flow Rate ~Strict Monitoring Standard~

  4. Differential Flow Rate Monitoring ~Field Trial~ A Company – Result of Field Trial Targeted Differential Flow Rate: 0.375% of F.S. A (Entrance) B(Exit) A-B(DifferntialFlow rate) Result: 0.275%FS: Fully complied with severe monitoring standard!

  5. azbil Open System Platform with a variety of Solution Packages Yamatake Solution Vision with System Platform PM-EX AMC PM100 Knowledge Power Alarm Analyst PREXION, MIB Electric Shift Log Utility Optimization 3rd party system Integrated HMI DOPC DGFC DGPL PlantWalker-HV Field Client Ex Proof Field Client OperationAnywhere

  6. Personalized window presentation images… MIB- For Manufacturing data visualization For Manufacturing Manager For Manufacturing Stuff For Shift Leader • Distill data in multiple sources into useful data • Personalize useful data for each individual meeting their role and responsibility SOP Shift Log Batch History Plan/Performance Order/Ship Quality Labo Asset Data

  7. PREXION – For production monitoring Infrastructure of production Information system Process historical information user can utilize the information at any time and any accuracy depending on their work. Production Control Facility Management Operation Management Quality Control Technology Control Site performancefor Plant Manager Process performancefor Shift Leader Production performancefor Production Engineer

  8. Alarm Analyst - Correlation analysis Alarm Analyst R20 Correlation Analysis;- Easy to build Knowledge-Base alarm & event model… unique technology From alarm & event historical logs, Correlation Analysis extracts ;- • Event groups consisted of the alarms and the operation actions in a process upset • Propagation path • Source origin • Nuisance alarms • Total counts in Alarm & Event group • Information about Alarm & Event group structure • Cause & Effect relationship • Cause of alarm flood or complex operation is estimated using order of events occurrence.