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In the beginning …
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  1. In the beginning … Developing an effective design brief for the VCE Food and Technology School-assessed Task ©Laurel Tully 2011

  2. Preparing a design brief • Outlines the problem to be solved • Focus based on a theme or event • Contains all information (context and specifications) needed to solve the problem • Who – client or consumer information • Why – reason the product is required • What – client or consumer requirements; what needs to be prepared • When – time/date the product needs to be ready • Where – place/location to be served/eaten ©Laurel Tully 2011

  3. Developing the design brief • Decide on the theme or event • Describe the event or occasion/purpose of the product • Outline client or consumer information • Age, gender, lifestyle, particular food likes and dislikes, any special dietary requirements • Specify the client requirements • Style of the meal or product, special nutritional needs, number of people to be served, use of particular ingredients ©Laurel Tully 2011

  4. Developing the design brief • School-assessed Task: scope of task • Incorporate the scope of the task into the design brief • Written in the context of the brief • A set of four to six food items (the product) • At least four different complex processes • Two to three different food preservation techniques to preserve two or three of the food items ©Laurel Tully 2011

  5. Shortboard surfing classicBackground information • Weekend at Jan Juc in early December to celebrate the end of Year 12 • Two school friends will be coming along with me • Need foods to contribute to breakfast, lunch and dinner for the weekend • Special dessert to share at dinner • Savoury and sweet snacks to take to the beach • Needs to appeal to young males and satisfy ‘healthy’ appetites • Casual dining ©Laurel Tully 2011

  6. The design briefContext Of all the sports I have ever played, surfing is without doubt my favourite. I really can’t remember a time when I haven’t been able to surf. My Nan and Pa have had a house at Torquay since I was just a toddler and so we have spent most weekends there every summer. My Pa was one of the original ‘surfies’ at Jan Juc and other beaches along the surf coast and he taught me to surf when I was really young. ©Laurel Tully 2011

  7. The design brief (Context continued) Two of my friends from school, Ben and Sam, are also keen surfers and so we have decided to head to the surf for a couple of days after our final exams in early December for our own ‘Shortboard Classic’. My Nan and Pa have offered to let us stay at their house onFriday and Saturday but we will need to take some of our own ‘supplies’ as I don’t want Nan to have to do all of the meal preparation. As I quite enjoy cooking, I have decided to make some of the main food items we will eat over the two days. ©Laurel Tully 2011

  8. The design briefSpecifications (considerations and constraints) We will need some food items for a casual dinner on Friday and breakfast and lunch on Saturday. Specification1 I will also need to prepare some savoury and sweet snack items we can take to the beach Specification2 as we will no doubt be hungry after spending so long in the water. On Saturday night we will have a celebratory dinner with my Nan and Pa before we leave and so I will need to make a dessert to share for dinner. The dessert needs to be quite special and look spectacular Specification3 so that it is the ‘grand finale’ to a great weekend.

  9. The design briefSpecifications (continued) Just as importantly, I can show my Nan that all the hours she spent teaching me how to cook while we were staying at Torquay weren’t wasted! The food will also need to be appealing to us and satisfy our ‘healthy’ appetites Specification4. As we will be leaving for Torquay straight after our last exam, all of the food needs to be prepared several weeks in advance and have good keeping qualities.Specification5 I also want to use a variety of complex processes Specification6 so that the products I produce are of a very high quality. ©Laurel Tully 2011

  10. The design briefSpecifications (continued) My Nan is a great fan of television cooking showsand I want to show her that I am now quite a skilled cook too – even if not yet in the league of the experts on her favourite show! ©Laurel Tully 2011

  11. Developing criteria for evaluation • Use the identified specifications in the design brief (considerations and constraints) to develop relevant evaluation criteria questions • Five or six good evaluation questions are required • Combine more than one specification into a question if necessary ©Laurel Tully 2011

  12. Criteria for evaluation • Have I been able to prepare a range of food items suitable for a casual dinner on Friday and breakfast and lunch on Saturday? • Was I able to produce some savoury and sweet snack items suitable to take to the beach? • Did the range of food items include a special dessert to share for dinner on Saturday night? ©Laurel Tully 2011

  13. Criteria for evaluation • Will the food be appealing to young males and will it be filling enough to satisfy ‘healthy’ appetites? • Was all of the food able to be prepared several weeks in advance and did it have good keeping qualities? • Did I use a variety of complex processes in the preparation of the products to produce high quality products? ©Laurel Tully 2011

  14. Brainstorming ideas Jams Marmalade Muesli Bread Crumpets Rolls Pastries Bread Breakfast Lunch Surfing weekend at Jan Juc Dinner Dessert Barbecue foods Chutneys Dressings Cakes Tarts Ice cream Puddings Snacks Yeast snacks Biscuits Small cakes ©Laurel Tully 2011

  15. Four different complex processes:e.g. caramelisation, yeast baking, pastry making, confectionary, cake making, crystallisation, emulsification and creaming. Two or three different food preservation techniques:e.g.dehydration, jam and jelly making, sugar crystallisation, freezing, bottling, chutney, pickle, and relish making. Complex processes and preservation techniques ©Laurel Tully 2011

  16. Checklist for the proposed set of food items (the product) ©Laurel Tully 2011

  17. Design brief ideas:Food for an organisation • A gourmet delicatessen • Soul food vegetarian café • A Brunswick Street café • A gourmet weekend retreat • Business conference • Tennis club or cricket club raffle ©Laurel Tully 2011

  18. Design brief ideas: A favourite culture • Colours of India • Thai treats • A taste of Japan • The flavours of France • A tapestry of Tunisia • Spanish dinner party • Tasting Australia ©Laurel Tully 2011

  19. Winter fruits – pears Summer fruits at a farmers’ market Citrus fruit – promoting the Murray Valley Exotic fruit of Queensland Apples Berries Mangoes Vegetables Nuts Chocolate Coffee Spices Herbs and spices of Asia Cheese Dried fruit Design brief ideas: Promoting an ingredient ©Laurel Tully 2011

  20. Grand final lunch basket Portable feast for the Moonlight Cinema Gift for an exchange student Hamper to take on a fishing trip Brunch basket for the Murray Marathon A ‘blast from the past’ – a 1980s dinner party Carols by Candlelight Foods for a Grand Prix lunch basket Design brief ideas: Celebration meal or event ©Laurel Tully 2011

  21. Australian Open Tennis Birthday gift for an elderly relative A basket of food to take to a holiday house A vegetarian Christmas A basket of treats for a house warming A brunch by the Yarra or at the beach Food for the launch of a new business venture Design brief ideas: Celebration meal or event ©Laurel Tully 2011

  22. Prepared by: Laurel Tully Updated for VCE Food and Technology (2011-2015) ©Laurel Tully 2011