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Family Feud. Interviewing Techniques. Tyrone Sessom. Rules of the Game. Divide into two teams Members of each team will take turns answering questions The first member to buzz in can respond A correct response earns your team 10 pts

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family feud

Family Feud

Interviewing Techniques

Tyrone Sessom

rules of the game
Rules of the Game
  • Divide into two teams
  • Members of each team will take turns answering questions
  • The first member to buzz in can respond
  • A correct response earns your team 10 pts
  • An incorrect response loses 10pts (Possible 5pts for opponent to pick up with correct response)
  • 40 questions total, 5 categories, random order
  • Team with highest score in the end WINS!
salary concerns
Salary Concerns

Questions about salary should be addressed,

  • On the first interview
  • On the second interview
  • Not at all
  • In your follow up letter
salary concerns4
Salary Concerns

If an employer asks about your salary history you should,

  • Make up a good figure
  • Tell them everything that they need to know
  • Only discuss the highest figure
  • Use discretion and negotiate
salary concerns5
Salary Concerns

When determining your value you should,

  • Take an average of your salary figures
  • Research and discover market norms
  • Make up a figure
interview preparation
Interview Preparation

Before each interview you should,

  • Visit the Career Center Website
  • Pull an “all-nighter,” to prepare
  • Isolate yourself and think about the interview
  • Not rehearse for the interview; Just do it.
in the heat of the moment
In The Heat of The Moment

For the phone interview you should,

  • Have a copy of your resume in front of you
  • Use your cell phone to conduct it
  • Not take the phone interview very seriously
  • Always have a friend on 3-way listening in
in the heat of the moment8
In The Heat of The Moment

During the phone interview you should always,

  • Be seated
  • Have on your best interview suit; look good
  • Have soft music on in the background
  • Have a good friend close by for support
interview preparation9
Interview Preparation

The best way to deal with nerves before an interview is to,

  • Prepare by practicing
  • Utilizing calming techniques
  • reevaluate your view of the process
  • All of the above
following the interview
Following The Interview

After an interview you should always,

  • Send a follow-up letter
  • Call the next day and check on your status
  • Push in your chair
  • Celebrate by having a drink with friends
professional presentation
Professional Presentation

If you are late, be sure that your not more than,

  • 5 minutes late
  • 10 minutes late
  • 20 minutes
  • Other
professional presentation12
Professional Presentation

Your cologne should be,

  • Used, but only in moderation
  • Left on your dresser
  • The latest brand on the market
  • Sprayed on your hands before greeting someone
in the heat of the moment13
In The Heat of The Moment

Always have questions prepared for employers?

True or False

professional presentation14
Professional Presentation

The “2-Minute drill,” refers to the,

  • The time it takes for an employer to evaluate you
  • Prep time before the actual interview
  • Time you’re allowed to answer a question
  • Time immediately following the interview; used for gathering information
interview preparation15
Interview Preparation

At what point do you ask about travel arrangements?

  • During the interview
  • When they offer you the opportunity
  • Never ask about travel arrangements
interview preparation16
Interview Preparation

When does the actual interview begin?

  • The parking lot of the company
  • After you are introduced to the staff
  • During lunch with the staff
  • While on the phone making the appointment
interview preparation17
Interview Preparation

How many resumes should you have prepared for an interview,

  • 1
  • 5
  • 8-10
  • 10-20
interview follow up
Interview Follow-up

It’s best to wait,______, before calling to check on you application status.

  • A couple of days
  • Until the next day
  • One week
  • Two weeks
interview preparation19
Interview Preparation

When considering how many outfits to take on an interview trip,

  • Always err on the conservative side
  • At least five outfits will do
  • Only one is necessary
in the heat of the moment20
In The Heat of The Moment

Staff members may be screening you, even if they never ask you any questions,

True or False

professional presentation21
Professional Presentation

The cover letter is your introduction to the employer,

True or False

following the interview22
Following The Interview

Thank you letters should always follow an interview,

True or False

interview preparation23
Interview Preparation

Typically employers will ask for,_______ letters of recommendation or references.

  • 5
  • 2 to 3
  • 1or 2
  • None of the above
interview preparation24
Interview Preparation

You should always have at least,_______ questions prepared to ask during the interview.

  • 2-3
  • 3-5
  • 5-7
  • 8-10
in the heat of the moment25
In The Heat of The Moment

It is illegal for employers to ask certain questions of candidates,

True or False

in the heat of the moment26
In The Heat of The Moment

During the interview luncheon some staff members order beers with their meals, what should you order?

  • An ice cold MGD
  • Water with lemon
  • A white wine
  • cappuccino
in the heat of the moment27
In The Heat of The Moment

Which of these topics should be avoided at all times during an interview,

professional presentation28
Professional Presentation

Which of these should be avoided at all times during an interview,

professional presentation29
Professional Presentation

Brief Case or Portfolio

professional presentation30
Professional Presentation

The resume is a reflection of you,

True or False

professional presentation31
Professional Presentation

You should bring an example of a past work project to the interview

True or False

professional presentation32
Professional Presentation

When handling items such as purses, or briefcases you should always carry them in your,

  • Left hand
  • Right hand
  • Both hands
  • Don’t carry anything
salary concerns33
Salary Concerns

Questions about benefits should be asked,

  • On the first interview
  • On the second interview
  • Not at all
  • In your follow up letter
interview preparation34
Interview Preparation

The Career Center hosts a workshop called “The N.E.W.”

True or False

interview preparation35
Interview Preparation

You can have a career center staff member give you a practice interview in preparation for a real one with an actual employer,

True or False

interview preparation36
Interview Preparation

The Career Center is located,

  • On the 4th floor of Rankin Hall
  • In the basement of the Library
  • 2nd floor of the Student Services Bldg.
  • 9th floor of HMSU
professional presentation37
Professional Presentation

Your resume should be,

  • One page
  • Two pages
  • One half page
  • Other
interview preparation38
Interview Preparation

Name one member of the Career Center Staff (besides me),


Bonus Question


in the heat of the moment39
In The Heat of The Moment

The typical on campus interview lasts,

  • 15-30 minutes
  • 30-45 minutes
  • 1 hour
  • 2 hours
in the heat of the moment40
In The Heat of The Moment

During the interview you should always have something to drink,

True or False