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Credit Report Repair

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Credit Report Repair
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Credit Report Repair

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  1. Welcome to

  2. How to Repair Credit Score Good numbers of individuals are looking for a qualified credit repair company. There are ample of reasons to hire a credit repair service provider. Explore complete information and insights on how to repair credit score and get rid of bad credit at Our personalized credit repair program will get your credit back on course.  

  3. Credit Report Repair If you have ever tried to repair your credit, you must have realized that it needs good amount of expertise or you may have come to a state where you don’t know how to conclude. Here you will get a total overview of how to do or methods to grab the best credit repair company. A Personalized or Real Credit Repair Company has a staff of credit repair counsellors or specialist that actually prepare unique document for their clients. Find the best solution to your credit report repair at Fowler and Fowler. 

  4. Fast Credit Repair Credit repair is not a very easy work but the Fowler and Fowler have been very successful in handling many cases and we are very effective in offering fast credit repair services to all our clients. We will communicate with the three major credit reporting agencies, (Innovis  and Check Systems, if necessary) on your behalf, via telephone, fax, internet, e-mail and/or written communications (whichever it the most affective for that particular situation). We will also monitor the correction and deletion of negative inaccurate, unverifiable and incomplete information from your credit reports for as long as you remain enrolled in our program.

  5. Fowler and Fowler defend your rights to have all of these things done in accordance with the procedures and timeframes laid out in the laws!  We are not just a dispute mill, and we would certainly never ask you to go to our website and create your own disputes and letters like some of the new credit repair mills!  After all, what is the use of hiring a professional company if they are going to make you do all the work yourself. Most of our clients are finished with our program within six to eight months, but you can cancel at any time. Unlike other companies that drag out this process by only disputing some of your negative information each month we dispute every negative account you direct us to during the first round and we continue to do so  every time we dispute any.

  6. Address 204 S. Main Ave #134 Lake Placid, FL 33852 Office: 863-655-1725 Fax: 866-665-4617 Toll Free: 1-866-524-2328 Website: