various uses of solar energy n.
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Various uses of solar energy PowerPoint Presentation
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Various uses of solar energy

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Various uses of solar energy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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There are several good suppliers of solar systems in UK and Europe. You can approach them and get a solar panel installed now!

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Various uses of solar energy

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    1. As the world is advancing technologically, the demand for sustainable and eco-friendly sources of energy is increasing day by day. This is when the use of environment-friendly sources of power like solar energy comes to the rescue. Various Uses of Solar Energy

    2. What Is Solar Energy? • Solar energy is radiant heat and light procured from the Sun. It is harnessed using varied technologies such as solar heating, solar architecture, solar thermal energy, artificial photosynthesis and salt power plants. • In other words, solar power can be defined as the energy derived from the sun. Lately, the use of solar energy has increased manifolds in the production of electricity. An increase in dependence upon such renewable resources can save fossil fuels etc.

    3. Here Is A List Of Some Popular Uses Of Solar Power: • Solar Water Heater • Heated water is one of the major necessities in the areas experiencing moderate to high winters. Surprisingly, there is no need to depend on electric geysers or boilers to provide you warm water. Solar water heaters can be installed in both residential and commercial buildings to heat water at an affordable price. • Solar water heaters make use of sun’s radiations to heat the water. The electricity bill can be decreased to a large extent with the help of solar water heaters. Installing solar water heaters can be your first step to save the environment.

    4. Solar Cooker • Though you must have used solar energy to cook dry spices, pickles, and other food items, you can make use of solar cookers to make day to day dishes as well. These cookers are quite easy to build and can prepare food quite quickly than you think. If you are also looking to save LPG consumption then solar cooker is the things for you! • Solar cookers can be of great use during tours, camping trips, and outings. It can help you prepare fresh food without depending on a traditional setup.

    5. Solar Lights • The need for affordable and environment-friendly lights is quite in demand these days. Solar lights can be used to light up both indoor and outdoor areas including gardens, pavement area, passages of the building, rooms, roadsides etc. Even government is encouraging the installation of solar lights on streets and highways to fulfil the needs of public economically. Solar lights are a reliable alternative to CFL and LED lights. These lights make use of sunlight during the day and batteries at night. • Thankfully, there are several good suppliers of solar systems in UK and Europe. You can approach them and get a solar panel installed now!