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Fort Hood Jeweler PowerPoint Presentation
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Fort Hood Jeweler

Fort Hood Jeweler

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Fort Hood Jeweler

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  1. WEDDING BANDS GEORGETOWN For More Information Visit Our Website:

  2. Index Page - 02

  3. Welcome to Quenan’s Jewelers Quenan’s offers the latest in gold, silver, diamond and platinum jewelry. Quenan’s Jewelers offers an exquisite selection of engagement rings, wedding bands, watches, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, and more from designers including Tacori, Simon G, Ritani, Konstantino, Lagos, Vahan, Pandora and more. 3 Page - 12

  4. Engagement Rings Killeen Engagement Rings Killeen declares the couple's promise to make a new life together. Engagement ring designers can create great designer engagement rings for you and your fiancé. These rings come in various styles and distinct designs. Page - 03

  5. Engagement Rings Round Rock Engagement rings Round Rockare fancy and have intricate designs. They can be small or large in sizes. They can have bigger stones on it that need to be emphasized for its elegant and luxurious beauty. Page - 04

  6. Engagement Rings Temple Engagement Rings have designs that are simple but beautiful. They are the typical ring designs that project beauty in simplicity while providing utmost comfort to the person during long-term use. There are thousands of different engagement ring designs that vary in cut and design, with classic and modern pieces being the most popular. Page - 05

  7. Fort Hood Jeweler Fort Hood jeweler is famous jewelers who have earned their reputation by offering some of the worlds finest jewelry. They create excellent designs in jewelry. They can create masterpieces with their designs. They are best jewelers who can create wonderful jewelry designs. Page - 06

  8. Custom Jewelry Design Whether you have sketches or just ideas, Quenan’s expert jeweler will work with you to create a fresh and timeless piece of jewelry. Our work can be simple or intricate, and is always stunning. With gold or platinum, we can create unique settings for your custom jewelry design diamonds and precious gems, which will be treasured for generations Page - 07

  9. Time Pieces We offer a wide range of watches. Some of them are given below : • Victorinox Swiss Army Watch • Quenan's Signature Watches • Rolex Watches Page - 08

  10. Jewelry Collection The jewelry collection offered by us is unique and one of the most beautiful collections. The jewelry designs are stylish and fresh to look at. Page - 09

  11. Photo Gallery 11 Page - 10

  12. Gift Items Quenan’s carries a wide selection of Gift Items, always perfect for any occasion! The unwavering commitment to quality can be found in every product. 12 Page - 11

  13. Jewelry Cleaning, Repair and Resizing When you own fine jewelry, particularly those pieces with diamonds or precious gems, you should have it checked twice a year to be certain that the stones aren’t loose. At Quenan’s Jewelers, we are happy to check your pieces for you –and to clean them– free of charge. If you need jewelry cleaning, repair and resizing, or restoration, you can trust us to do it right the first time. Quenan’s has the expertise and the equipment to complete the job in-house. 13 Page - 13

  14. Jewelry and Watch Appraisals Whether you’re planning to sell your jewelry or watches, or you simply need an appraisal for insurance purposes, Quenan’s Jewelry and Watch Appraisalscan help. Our expertise in the industry will ensure that we provide you with an accurate appraisal of the value of your most treasured items. 14 Page - 14

  15. Get Connected… Through Our Website : Through Social Media : Page - 15