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Urban Planning

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Urban Planning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Urban Planning. Grade 12 Geography. What you should be learning. Illustrate strategies to improve urban environments Evaluate models of urban structure in developed and developing countries. What is Urban Planning?.

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Urban Planning

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    1. Urban Planning Grade 12 Geography

    2. What you should be learning • Illustrate strategies to improve urban environments • Evaluate models of urban structure in developed and developing countries

    3. What is Urban Planning? • Urban Planning: Is organising lands in scientific, aesthetic and orderly manner. It aims to create good physical, economic and social conditions. It also promotes the health and well being of communities. • Urban Planners are geographers the people that make sure this happens

    4. Urban Planners… • Plan for the future in addition to addressing current needs. • What infrastructure will be needed for future transportation modes? • How large will the population become? • What will the demographics of the city be? • What will the economy of the city do? • How and where should the city expand to prevent land use conflicts?

    5. Urban Planners • From Bike and Bus lanes to Bridges and Business parks. Urban planners have to decide where things go. How to regulate the city in the best possible manner

    6. Things that influence land use • Physical attributes of the land • Flood plains, hillsides, shorelines etc • Natural corridors • Accessibility • Close to transportation routes/harbour? • Proximity to public transit • Compatibility • Complementary land uses are desirable • What are complimentary land uses for residential? What are not???

    7. Things that influence land use • Historical Land Use • Without great political pressure historic land uses often win. Its hard to force existing land users out of a neighbourhood. • Consumer Demand and Land Value • There is competition for the most desirable land in cities • Therefore those who can pay most get the land they want.

    8. Peak Value Intersection (PVI) Value of land Distance from PVI (km)

    9. The Planning Process • Challenges: • Must make decisions for the good of the community over the individual. • Reduce conflicting land uses • Finding a place for undesirable land uses like landfills, jails, power plants etc. (NIMBY)

    10. The Planning Process • Zoning Bylaws • The basic purpose of a zoning bylaw is to regulate what you can build and how big the building can be on a property. • Individuals and Community Groups • Need to get involved • Public Meetings to present proposals • After the fact: Reviews/updates/exemptions