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Press Kit MEGAROB project

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Press Kit MEGAROB project. Zaragoza, 19 th November 2012. AITIIP - TECHNOLOGICAL CENTRE. Figures.

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press kit megarob project

Press Kit MEGAROB project

Zaragoza, 19th November 2012

aitiip technological centre



  • Cooperation project: Small and Medium Scale
    • Call: FP7-2012-NMP-ICT-FoF
    • Topic: FoF.NMP.2012-4:High-performance manufacturing technologies in terms of efficiency (volumes, speed, process, capability, etc), robustness and accuracy
      • Total Budget: 4,3 M€ Grant: 2.7 M€
      • 8 partners (4 countries)
  • 36 months

MEGAROB Zaragoza 19th of November 2012


Financial Data

  • Total budget 4,345,909 €
  • • Total Grant 2.761.000 €
  • • Return to Aragon (28,9%) 799.760 €
  • • Return to Spain (45,3%) 1.251.595 €

MEGAROB Zaragoza 19th of November 2012

project summary
Project summary
  • The main objective of the MEGAROB project is to develop a flexible autonomous platform, based on robotics and mechatronics, to perform high accuracy manufacturing tasks on large components (>10 meters long) which can be found in different industrial sectors such as aeronautic, wind mills, civil engineering, railway and ships manufacturers, achieving a long-range and high-accuracy robotic system adaptable to all types, sizes, quantity and complexity of parts, extensive to any other kind of sector or industry, as logistic, automotive or big machinery manufacturing.

MEGAROB Zaragoza 19th of November 2012



  • working in vast areas without increasing its intrinsic positioning error .
  • compensate accuracy deviations, and adaptive behaviour to the actual situation.
  • high level control system, with CAM integration.
  • reduce processing time
  • integration and flexibility
  • redundant measurement sensing system and virtual simulation environment
  • quality improvement: Reducing volume of scrap/chips/waste with controls pre-in-post process.
  • down time of the equipment, and effective required floor space

MEGAROB Zaragoza 19th of November 2012



MEGAROB Zaragoza 19th of November 2012



MEGAROB Zaragoza 19th of November 2012



MEGAROB Zaragoza 19th of November 2012

The market earned revenues of $1437.9 million in 2009 and robot sales to the Central/Eastern European countries surged by 73% in 2010. Various regions experienced different rates of recovery in robot sales in 2010. About 30,600 units were sold in Europe, 50% more than in 2009. This data proves that there is a need for the European robotics industry to find ways of filling the gap and competing against their Asian competitors.

MEGAROB robot will answered the needs of the manufacturers when reevaluating investment priorities on technologies/products that help improve efficiency and reduce costs. It will thus be a benefit for the market for industrial robotics.

According to a new analysis from the company Frost and Sullivan, the market earned revenues is estimated to reach $2969.3 million in 2016.


MEGAROB Zaragoza 19th of November 2012

From 1998 to 2008, worldwide wind turbine sales have grown approximately 29% annually while in the EU, installed wind power capacity has increased by an average of 25% annually from 1997 to 2007. In terms of installations of wind turbine, the EU market has grown by 19% annually and has amounted € 11.3 billion of investments per year.

MEGAROB would then be an advantageous tool to allow the construction of these wind towers with components built up with high level of accuracy and within a reduced timeframe. This will have a positive impact on the European wind tower manufacturers and increase the level of competitiveness of the European companies of the sector.

The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) forecasts that by 2020, a further 146GW of wind energy capacity will be installed which represents around 30.000 wind towers taking the European total to 230GW.

Market-Wind turbines

MEGAROB Zaragoza 19th of November 2012


Market- Civil Engineering

Regarding the construction sector in Europe, in 2010-2011, the sector counted 3.2 million of enterprises corresponding to a number of 12.7 employees for turnover amounted € 1.665 billion.

The use of MEGAROB technologies can extend the possibilities of civil engineering to the infrastructures construction using new high-performance materials like composites, replacing the current manufacturing methods using metal or concrete and imposing a major technological leap over the current state of the art.

MEGAROB Zaragoza 19th of November 2012

Europe’s aerospace and defense companies proved able to turn in good overall performances in 2010. However the environment in which they operate kept becoming increasingly challenging, due to a rising pressure on defense investments and stricter lending criteria from financial institutions.

According to the difficulties faced by the sector, in particular through the reduction of investments, MEGAROB would be an important answer to enable the sector to product their components with high level of accuracy and within a smaller amount of time. This would allow the European aerospace and defense sector to be even more competitive.

Compared to 2009 data for the European aerospace and defense sectors, the turnover (€162.9 billion) increased of more than 5%, the employment increased by 1.2 %.

Market-Aeronautics/Aerospace and Defense

MEGAROB Zaragoza 19th of November 2012


Market-Other sectors

Other industrial sectors will be approached when starting the technology transfer of the MEGAROB concept such as ships building and railways. In order to give a rough idea of the promising market the latter could be, one can emphasize the fact that the European rail supply industry has a leading position in the world market, valued around 50-60 billion euros in 2003, of which it captures between 60 and 70 % and directly employs 130,000 people in Europe and more than 1 million indirectly.

The previous sectors are directly related with the content of MEGAROB, but due to one of the aims of the project is to achieve a long-range and high-accuracy robotic system adaptable to all types, sizes, quantity and complexity of parts, makes the MEGAROB solution extensive to any other kind of sector or industry, as logistic, automotive and big machinery manufacturing.

MEGAROB Zaragoza 19th of November 2012



  • 2 Research Centers:
    • Fundacion AITIIP (AITIIP): a research center of engineering and technology transfer
    • Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM): private research centre active in the field of micro- and nanotechnologies, microelectronics, systems engineering, microrobotics, photonics, information and communication technologies.
  • 6 SMEs and large Industrial companies:
    • TeamNet International (SME): Company specialized in the development and implementation of the software applications based on the latest technologies.
    • CML Métrologie (SME): Metrology, laser tracker installation, calibration and use
    • GH Gruas (SME): Crane manufacturer company
    • Leica Geosystems (Large): Laser tracker and metrology system developer and manufacturer
    • Acciona Infraestructuras (Large): Developer and manager of infrastructure, renewable energy, water and services.
    • Aplicaciones de Energías Sustitutivas(SME): Wind and Solar Solutions

MEGAROB Zaragoza 19th of November 2012



MEGAROB Zaragoza 19th of November 2012