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6. Buying Module PowerPoint Presentation
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6. Buying Module

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6. Buying Module - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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6. Buying Module
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  1. 6. Buying Module Shelley Hen| Solution Specialist January 2011

  2. David is now ready to start the negotiation phase of the campaign • He wants to • Send RFPs to selected publishers • Receive proposals • Negotiate with publishers • Build a media plan • Sign IO • Receive approvals And launch the campaign…

  3. MediaMind Buying Module • Smart Planning was added as a 3rd tab in the Campaign flow • Streamlining the buying-trafficking-analytics process • Includes all buying and negotiation options

  4. Buying Process

  5. 6. Sites Overview + RFP Process Shelley Hen| Solution Specialist January 2011

  6. David needs to send RFPs with all the relevant information according to the brief to the publishers he selected in the Research Module • David wants to include cars.com and CarsDirect in his campaign

  7. Request for Proposal (RFP) • The RFP should include: • Objectives: Brand Awareness • Target Audience: male |single and married with children |35-44| income above avg. and high • Campaign dates: August 17 – September 27, 2011 • Budget : $30,000 • Due date to submit the proposal: July 1st 2011 • The brief from the advertiser

  8. David is now creating RFPs and sending them to the selected sites

  9. Integrated Data from Research Sections- as selected in Research Module Historical data from the Research Module

  10. View Site/ section performance details

  11. Sites Overview Tab • Add site options: • One by one • From saved research • From existing campaign Create RFP Option to select one site and create RFP for it Allows selecting more than one

  12. Add Sites From Previous Campaigns • To save time, users can select sites used in previous campaigns

  13. New ‘Pending’ Site Option to add new site. This will be saved only within the account and only in the buying module Once moving it to trafficking, it will go through the mismatch process. If a new site is needed to be added to MediaMind - follow the same process as in MediaMind Option to edit pending site information

  14. Site Indicators From Research New in Sites Overview tab Pending Site Publisher uploaded Proposal Site can not be deleted if an RFP, Proposal/ or an IO has been associated with it

  15. Create New RFP Options From RFP tab Create single RFP or multiple • From Sites Overview tab, create RFP • For one site by selecting it from list • For more than one by selecting them from list • Empty RFP and enter the site details later on

  16. RFP Form • Includes all relevant details of the campaign, to be sent to the publisher • Includes only a few mandatory fields and does not limit the planner • Budget assigned for this site • Currency according to account settings • Option to have more than one budget level Campaign dates Due date to submit proposal and Special instructions By default- includes instructions regarding the proposal Excel template

  17. Objectives and Audience according to the campaign brief Populated automatically from the campaign setup Option to change and add more info

  18. Campaign brief information as stated in the brief and should be part of the RFP to the publisher

  19. Terms & Conditions can be added. Any file can be added. This will be attached to the RFP sent to the publisher Attachments and notes can be added. Any file can be added. This will be attached to the RFP sent to the publisher

  20. Both site’s and agency’s contacts can be added. They will be added as a reference in the RFP. *Note: these are not the recipients of the RFP

  21. Requested Placements • Option for the planner to request specific placement(s) from the publisher • These will be added to the proposal Excel sent to the publisher with the RFP

  22. RFP Statuses Draft RFP Sent RFP Has attachment

  23. Multi RFP Form • Allows having one RFP for more than one site with option to add more • All RFP parameters are the same for all sites No option to request specific placements

  24. Create New Multi RFP Form • From Sites Overview tab, create RFP • Selecting them from list From RFP tab

  25. Send RFP Options From RFP tab From RFP form (new or edit) From RFP Preview

  26. Add sites’ recipients for this RFP Select site’s contact from list or add new. The contacts are saved under the Campaign Contacts and in the site’s account in MediaMind Option to send a copy to your email and to others (colleague, manager etc.)

  27. Agency Logo Option to add Agency logo. This will be added to the RFP (and IO) sent to the publishers

  28. Once Sent… • An email with an attachment is sent to the publisher. • Each publisher receives his own email. • The sender is the planner • The attachments include: • RFP in PDF format • Proposal Excel template to be filled in • Any other file(s) attached in the RFP • Demo and help files

  29. RFP Tab Direct link to Requested Placements Link to site’s details and rating • Create an RFP without a site name that can be copied and used as a template for future RFPs • Edit multiple RFPs by selecting them and ‘Edit’

  30. Summary • Sites Overview • Provides many options to add sites- benefit from past experience throught the research module or past campaigns • Provides one-stop-shop for monitoring the buying process • Integrates historical data • Allows adding 'Pending Site' • RFP • Provides easy and quick way to send RFPs to publishers • Open form without any limitations • Option to send one RFP to many publishers • Saves time and manual work

  31. Default Buying Contact • Option to define a user as default for buying • The username and details will be added to the Campaign Contacts and will be populated by default in the contacts list when sending RFP/IO

  32. Common Buttons: