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Selection Process for PowerPoint Presentation
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Selection Process for

Selection Process for

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Selection Process for

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  1. Selection Process for Continuing Professional Consulting Services for Environmental Assessment, Testing and Remediation Selection March 9, 2009

  2. Professional Services Selection Process • Governed by Section 133.2 of City Policies and Procedures and Chapter 287.055 of Florida Statutes (Consultants’ Competitive Negotiation Act) • Request for Qualifications statement is issued by City, describing services being solicited • Consultants submit a Qualifications Statement to City for review • Statements are reviewed by a selection committee of five city staff members

  3. Professional Services Selection Process • Selection is a qualifications based process – state law and City policy require staff to select the highest qualified firm or firms • Highest qualified firm is determined through initial shortlisting of qualifications statements then conducting oral interviews of shortlisted firms • Shortlisted firms are ranked through use of a scoring matrix setting forth the selection criteria

  4. Qualification Statement Evaluation 1. Evaluation will be based upon the following criteria: a. Relevant experience and qualifications of the Respondent. The Selection Committee will evaluate the experience and technical competence necessary to complete the services required. Primary consideration will be given to: - Respondent and team members' knowledge and experience in performing the services needed to accomplish the scope of the Project as listed in Section 2; - Respondent and team members' records of successful performances on past projects including factors such as cost control, work quality, and demonstrated ability to adhere to schedules; - Respondent and team members' current and planned workloads and the commitment of the project manager and key team members to dedicate the necessary time to any assigned task, proximityof the location of the Respondent’s office to the City of Orlando and volume of workpreviously awarded to the Respondent;

  5. Qualification Statement Evaluation - Ability of an assigned project manager and key personnel to make effective public presentations; - Ability of Respondent and team members to work successfully with City staff and any other stakeholders. - MWBE participation;Responses will be evaluated on the basis of MBE/WBE participation. Although no task assignment or scope of work to be assigned there under is identified at this time, Respondents should list potential MBE/WBE professional services providers who Respondents would use as subconsultants.

  6. Professional Services Selection Process • Solicitation in question was for Continuing Professional Consulting Services for Environmental Assessment, Testing and Remediation • Selection committee consisted of: • Nancy Caskey, Chair, Project Manager I with CIID • Bob Cadle, Division Manager, Wastewater • Carline Aliotte, Contract Compliance Investigator I, MWBE Office • Dan Dashtaki, Environmental Control Manager, Wastewater • Victor Sahgal, Standards and Specifications Engineer, Purchasing

  7. Professional Services Selection Process • Solicitation was issued on October 12, 2008 to select 3 highest ranked firms • City received 21 proposals on November 13, 2008 • Selection committee met on November 21, 2008 to short list firms for the oral interview and decided on the following six firms: • Earth Tech/AECOM • ECT, Inc. • EP3inc • E Sciences, Inc. • PSI, Inc. • Terracon Consultants, Inc.

  8. Professional Services Selection Process • Short listed firms were interviewed on December 12, 2008 • Ms. Aliotte was absent due to illness; Dawn Chin Shue with the MWBE Office took her place as a non-voting member • Following interviews, selection committee scored each firm using the Evaluation Criteria form included in the RFQ solicitation • Resulting ranking was: 1. PSI, Inc. 2. E Sciences, Inc. 3. Earth Tech/AECOM 4. ECT, Inc. 5. EP3inc (tied) 5. Terracon Consultants, Inc. (tied)

  9. Professional Services Selection Process

  10. Appeal Process • A firm wishing to appeal the ranking must notify the Public Works Director • If the Public Works Director denies the appeal, the next step in the process is to appeal to the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) • If the CAO denies the appeal, the next step is a hearing before Council • The appellant will have 10 minutes to present the reasons for their appeal and state the action requested of Council • Staff will follow with a discussion of the appeal review conducted by the Public Works Director and Deputy CAO

  11. Actions Available to Council • Deny the appeal (approve Agenda Item NB 2) • Uphold the appeal and remand to the selection committee with instructions (do not approve Agenda Item NB 2) • Deny the appeal and cancel the current RFQ process; staff will reissue an RFQ to start a new selection process (do not approve Agenda Item NB 2)

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