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CFL Lighting Scheme CDM based “Bachat Lamp Yojana” PowerPoint Presentation
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CFL Lighting Scheme CDM based “Bachat Lamp Yojana”

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CFL Lighting Scheme CDM based “Bachat Lamp Yojana” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CFL Lighting Scheme CDM based “Bachat Lamp Yojana”. Initiated by. Objective of Bachat Lamp Yojana. Using CDM to finance….. ..Market transformation 400 million light-points in India Estimated BLY projects : 400 Per Annum Project Estimates* GHG reduction: 22,000 tCO 2e

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Presentation Transcript


Lighting Scheme CDM based

“Bachat Lamp Yojana”

Initiated by

objective of bachat lamp yojana
Objective of Bachat Lamp Yojana

Using CDM to finance….. ..Market transformation

  • 400 million light-points in India
  • Estimated BLY projects : 400

Per Annum Project Estimates*

    • GHG reduction: 22,000 tCO2e
    • Power saving: 10 MW
bly uses pcdm approach
BLY Uses pCDM Approach

The programme itself does

not achieve the reductions,

but provides the framework

for emission reductions to

occur through certified project


  • The Investor gets empanelled with BEE
  • DISCOM identifies BEE empanelled Investor
  • Tri-partite Agreement with DISCOM, Investor and BEE
  • Investor identifies long-life IS certified CFL supplier
  • Develop project as per BLY scheme templates
specifications of cfls
Specifications of CFLs
  • Confirm to IS15111 standards and subsequent amendments
  • Lumen output equal to or greater than the ICL replaced
  • Lifetime equal to or greater than 6000 hrs
  • Power factor equal or greater than .85
  • CFLs carry a BLY logo
potential role of sdas in bly
PotentialRole of SDAs in BLY
  • SDA’s are the nodal Agencies for implementation of BEE schemes in the states
  • State level promotion of BLY Scheme.
  • Confidence building of DISCOMS and other stakeholders
  • SDA’s can play a very important role in facilitation and support of project level meeting if and so required.
  • Provide support to BEE at State Level for performing function of CME.
support by bee
Support by BEE
  • Revised Empanelment Procedure(Application form uploaded on BEE website)
  • List of CFL Investors reviewed every year
  • Model Bidding document(EOI template)
  • Bilateral Agreement:BEE-Investor
  • Bilateral Agreement:DISCOM-Investor
  • Tripartite Agreement:BEE-Investor-DISCOM
support by bee contd
Support by BEE…Contd
  • CDM-SSC-CPA-DD Template
  • BLY Managing Entity Administration Manual
  • BLY Communication Form
  • CPA Eligibility Checklist
  • PCN Format
  • Status of the CPAs submitted to BEE for inclusion
progress in bachat lamp yojana
Progress In Bachat Lamp Yojana
  • 18 Investors have been empanelled by BEE for the ready reference of the DISCOMS.
  • 16 states/UT have taken up steps towards implementation of scheme in their respective DISCOM regions.
  • Projects from Kerala, Karnataka, Goa ,Delhi and Andhra Pradesh received by BEE for Eligibility Check and inclusion in the registered umbrella framework.
  • Validation of 20 Kerala and 7 Karnataka projects are in the final stages of validation.
  • Nearly 200 Lakh CFLs have already been distributed in various parts of India.
support to investors by bee
Support to Investors by BEE
  • Project Development
  • PoA Design
  • Validation
  • DNA Approval
  • Registration
  • Project Execution
  • CPA Inclusion
  • Maintain Database
  • Single Point Liaison
  • CER Allocation
enable energy efficiency using cdm
Enable energy efficiency …using CDM
  • Contact Information:
  • Bureau of Energy Efficiency

(Govt of India, Ministry of Power)

4th Floor, Sewa Bhawan,R. K. Puram

New Delhi- 110 066, India.

  • Tel: 011- 26179699
  • Fax: 011- 26178352
bachat lamp yojana
Bachat Lamp Yojana


  • CFLs give 80% energy savings without compromising lumen intensity
  • 400 million ICLs can be replaced, annually saving ~ 4000 MW
  • Each BLY project ~ 600,000 CFLs, upto 4 CFLs per household

GHG reduction estimate

1 tCO2e reduction can be achieved by replacing

  • Ten 100 W ICL or
  • Twenty 60 W ICL

Programme Landscape of BLY

CDM EB Communication

PoA -Manager

Buyer in Annex I


Validation / Verification

PoA approval

Technically develops BLY scheme methodology and documents


Annex I & II

Payment for CERs

CERs sold

Safe disposal of returned CFL



Fused CFL’s returned

Pays Rs 15 for new CFL

Safe keeping of replaced ICL lamp for inspection

Replaced ICL lamp

  • Procures long-life CFLs and distributes to households
  • Day-to-day monitoring; Verification survey to assess lamp failure rate

CFL = Compact Florescent LampICL = Incandescent lamps

BEE = Bureau of Energy Efficiency

DISCOM = Distribution Company

DNA = Designated National Authority

EB = Executive Board


Each BLY project ~ 600,000 CFLs,

upto 4 CFLs per household

400 million ICLs / annum replaceable, annually saving ~ 6000 MW

Provides access to the households for installing CFLs


Monitoring & Verification

  • AMS IIJ- Simplified M&V

Total area serviced by DISCOM

  • Deemed savings approach: 3.5 hours / day/ CFL
  • Periodic CFLs survey

Project area)



MS = Monitoring Survey

benefits of bly
Benefits of BLY

Uses CDM Programme of Activities approach to

  • Lower transaction costs
  • Reduced time
  • Capture an activity otherwise difficult / expensive under CDM
  • Reduce risk to investors
  • Simple monitoring without compromising CFL usage hours
  • Predictable returns in todays uncertain global financial flux and post -2012 uncertainity
bly chronology
BLY Chronology

April-June 2009– BLY revised as per AMS IIJ