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Thyme Essential Oil at doTERRA

Thyme essential oil supports digestive system and immune system.

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Thyme Essential Oil at doTERRA

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  1. Thyme Essential Oil at doTERRA doTERRA Thyme has cleansing properties and also supports immune system.

  2. Benefits of Thyme Oil • It cures Arthritis and Gout • It reduces Weight and Blood Pressure. • It makes your skin spot free. • It cures skin issues like psoriasis, dermatitis, and dyspepsia. • It solves Respiratory and Digestive issues.

  3. Thyme Essential Oil to Improve Your Overall Health and Wellbeing • Aromatherapy is a stream of alternative medicine that uses the sense of smell to improve mind and body. It uses the scent of different essential oils to bring about various health benefits to one’s mind and body. By releasing stress hormones and increasing the flow of feel good hormones throughout the system, aromatherapy helps in healing the individual both mentally and physically. • Various essential oils are used for curing or healing different aspects of health. However, apart from aromatherapy, essential oils are also used in other ways to get rid of disease, toxins and negative emotions from one’s mind and body and thereby bring about a positive change in the individual’s overall well being

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