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X500 Training Course PowerPoint Presentation
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X500 Training Course

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X500 Training Course - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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X500 Training Course

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  1. X500 Training Course Mechanical Description

  2. ESD protection • Please wear ESD protection wrist or gloves in the entire procedure

  3. HEADLINE Repair Tools • Specially Made • Dis-Assy PLASTIC STICK 15*145*5mm • Dis-Assy MYLAR 2 • m • General • TWEEZERS • No. T5 SCREWDRIVER • CLIPPER

  4. Assembly Procedure

  5. Disassembly

  6. Disassembly Procedure STEP 1 Push the battery hook away from the handset and lift out the battery cover. The battery may now be removed from the handset.

  7. Disassembly Procedure STEP 2 Use the T5 screwdriver to remove the four case screws located inside the battery Compartment.

  8. Disassembly Procedure STEP 3 Slide open handset, carefully insert the case separation tool into the gap between keyboard upper case and keyboard lower case from back. Lift up the tool along the gap and bend it outside to unhook the keyboard upper case from keyboard lower case(1~2). Do it again on opposite side to unhook both side.

  9. Disassembly Procedure STEP 4 Slide close the handset and gently lift up the case from 1 first and 2 second.

  10. Disassembly Procedure STEP 5 Use case separation tool to unhook the hook in both side of main PCB, then lift up the PCB assembly from 1 and 2. Use case separation tool to remove the board-to-board connector on FPC (Area A).

  11. Disassembly Procedure STEP 6 Remove the keypad and microphone.

  12. Disassembly Procedure STEP 7 Remove the screw Mylar (screw Mylar must replace new one) and use the T5 screwdriver to remove the screws of display lower case

  13. Disassembly Procedure STEP 8 Use case separate tool to unhook the hook 1 and 2.

  14. Disassembly Procedure STEP 9 Slide close the handset and insert case separate tool into the gap between display upper case and display lower case from front side.

  15. Disassembly Procedure STEP 10 Lift up the display upper case from 1 then slide it down to remove the display upper case. Slide open the handset, carefully pull the display upper case, and let FPC through the display upper case and keyboard upper case.

  16. Disassembly Procedure STEP 11 Remove the FPC and vibrator connector from MMI board and remove the MMI board from display upper case. (remember to past the protect tape on LCM)

  17. Disassembly Procedure STEP 12 Remove the function keypad and vibrator from display upper case.

  18. Disassembly Procedure STEP 13 Remove the speaker and receiver from MMI board.

  19. Disassembly Procedure STEP 14 Remove LCM from MMI PCB.

  20. Disassembly Procedure STEP 15 Remove the antenna box and shielding case from main board. A. Base band area shielding case cut points 1~5. Click points X 7. B. RF area shielding case cut points 1~6. Click points X 13.

  21. Disassembly Procedure STEP 16 Remove the camera module from antenna box (Because the LED module is paste on antenna box. So need to remove carefully by tweezers).

  22. Disassembly Procedure STEP 17 Use T5 screwdriver to remove the 4 screws located in keyboard upper case.

  23. Disassembly Procedure STEP 18 Use T5 screwdriver to remove the 6 screws located in display lower case.

  24. Reassembly

  25. Reassembly Procedure STEP 1 Use T5 screwdriver to screwed the six screws located inside the display lower case and slide hinge.

  26. Reassembly Procedure STEP 2 Use T5 screwdriver to screwed the four screws located inside the Keyboard upper case and slide hinge

  27. Reassembly Procedure STEP 3 Assemble number keypad and microphone to keyboard upper case.

  28. Reassembly Procedure STEP 4 Assemble camera module into antenna box and adhere flashlight to area A.

  29. Reassembly Procedure STEP 5 Assemble antenna assembly, two shielding case and FPC to main board. (Antenna assembly needs to connect the FPC first.)

  30. Reassembly Procedure STEP 6 Slide opens the handset. Make FPC through the keyboard upper case and display lower case (Area A). Then click the main board into keyboard upper case.

  31. Reassembly Procedure STEP 7 Assemble keyboard lower case to keyboard upper case. (First click the upper side, then right to left sides).

  32. Reassembly Procedure STEP 8 Assemble LCM to MMI board and connect the LCM FPC.

  33. Reassembly Procedure STEP 9 Assemble speaker receiver to MMI board.(Connect FPC).

  34. Reassembly Procedure STEP 10 Assemble vibrator and function keypad to display upper case.

  35. Reassembly Procedure STEP 11 Assemble MMI board to display upper case. Push the speaker receiver in to holder and connect the vibrator. (Remember to remove the LCM protect tape).

  36. Reassembly Procedure STEP 12 Connect FPC into MMI board and assemble display upper case into lower case.

  37. Reassembly Procedure STEP 13 Screwed the four screws located keyboard lower case and two screws located display lower case. Then paste new screw Mylar.

  38. Reassembly Procedure STEP 14 Put back the battery and close the battery cover.

  39. Any Questions?