nitrogen in south america n.
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Nitrogen in South America

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Nitrogen in South America - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Nitrogen in South America. Nitrogen Cycling In Latin America: Drivers, Impacts And Vulnerabilities ( Nnet ) IAI 2013-2018: continent

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nitrogen in south america

Nitrogen in South America

Nitrogen Cycling In Latin America: Drivers, Impacts And Vulnerabilities (Nnet) IAI 2013-2018: continent

Atmosphere chemical characteristics determination of different environments in the São Paulo State: a reactive nitrogen species deposition study. (SAAD) FAPESP 2012-2014: regional-



  • Broad integrative network of research and outreach across multiple ecoregions and socioeconomic backgrounds in Latin America: Nitrogen Human Environment Network (Nnet).
  • Examine human impact in natural and modified ecosystems across a wide range of climates, ranging from direct measurements to regional modeling exercises.

(i) inputs: Natural-BNF and cultivation induced-BNF, fertilizer use, atmospheric deposition;

  • (ii) Outputs: Net exports of agricultural products at regional level and estimates at site scale of gaseous emissions from land use (fertilizer volatilization, biogenic soil emissions and burning), export of N to groundwater and surface waste (domestic, agricultural and industrial) and via nitrification and denitrification.
  • Implement a Latin American network of research groups allowing to address various aspects of the N cycle in a complementary design;
  • Identify, integrate and synthesize the current and acquired knowledge of the Latin America N cycle, particularly as related to land use and land use change;
  • Reduce the uncertainties of Latin America’s regional N budget and contribute to the current constraints of global estimates constraints in global estimates;
  • Contribute to the development of a regional atmospheric chemistry transport model suitable to simulate the atmospheric component of N cycle.
  • Summarize the current state of nitrogen science in Latin America, to provide summary information for the development of environmentally sustainable public policies that can be used to educate a broad audience.
  • Be part of selected Global observation networks such as those supported by National Atmospheric Deposition Program (NADP), World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and International Biosphere GeosphereProgramme (IGBP) programs.


  • Scientific question: concentration and deposition determination of reactive nitrogen into the atmosphere of some regions of the State of São Paulo.
  • Atmospheric deposition:diverse atmospheric characteristics in the State of São Paulo;
  • Use a low-cost sampling system and opening the possibility of replicate the established model for other regions (Sutton, 2001).
  • Build, calibrate, validate a system based on diffusion tubes (denuders) . DELTA (DEnuder for Long-Term Atmospheric sampling (Sutton, 2001)
  • Determine the cations, anions total C and N in aqueous extract of the particulate matter, denuders and rainfall;
  • To calculate de deposition based on conceptual model for the region;
  • Implement a logistic system for large scale studies.
1: Cunha; 2: Cachoeira Paulista; 3: São José dos Campos; 4:São Paulo; 5: São Carlos; 6: Assis e 7: Teodoro Sampaio

Chemical analyses:

    • Anions and Cations: IC (Metrohm Professional 860)
    • N and C: TOC-N
    • NH4+ (FIA - manual) limited analitical capacity