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aui Learning Network (auiLearNet) Announces ONLINE COURSE on Performance and Appraisal Feedback Tues day 25 th February 2014 – Sunday 23r d March 2014. aui Learning Network Online Training Forum. It’s Appraisal Time once Again PERFORMANCE - Doing the work you are asked to do

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Aui learning network online training forum

aui Learning Network (auiLearNet)Announces ONLINE COURSE onPerformance and Appraisal FeedbackTuesday 25thFebruary 2014 – Sunday 23rd March 2014

aui Learning Network

Online Training Forum

Aui learning network online training forum

It’s Appraisal Time once Again

PERFORMANCE - Doing the work you are asked to do

APPRAISAL - Measuring how you have done the work

FEEDBACK - Communicating to maintain or improve how you have done the work

When appraisal is good It pays to give Feedback

When appraisal is bad It pays to give Feedback

For whom
For whom?

Leaders, Managers, Supervisors, Section Heads that get their work done through orders

Trainers that train trainers, executives, middle management, lower management cadre

Sales representatives that meet to educate customers or new buyers everyday

Teachers and community leaders


In short individuals in all aspects of life that has to do with helping people understand where they need to do something to improve their personal and professional expertise

Importance of feedback
Importance of feedback

  • the cheapest, most powerful, yet, most under used and/or misused management/relationship

  • helps people get on track

  • assist people to know how they and others perceive their performance.

  • motivating and energizing

  • links to employee satisfaction and productivity

  • feel involved and identified with their organisation

  • Working without feedback is similar to setting out an important journey minus a map or signposts

    Feedback is given to make people go forward but in reality, it makes people go

    backward just because of “poor how to” give feedback.

    How long does it take your people to bounce back to productive work after receiving

    feedback? Multiply that time and the number of employees to arrive at the man-hour

    loss of the company because of feedback.

What you will learn
What you will learn

  • Understand the meaning and importance of feedback

  • Purpose of appraisal feedback

  • Break the barriers to appraisal feedback

  • Methods of appraisal feedback

  • How to give effective appraisal feedback

What we will cover where you can apply
What we will cover: Where you can apply

  • Meaning and importance of Feedback

  • Meaning, purpose and methods of performance appraisal

  • Communicating Appraisal Result or Appraisal Feedback

  • Barriers to AF

  • Reasons for barriers

  • Breaking the barriers

  • Action plan

    Where you can apply

  •  Set appraisal benchmarks – standards, indicators, symptoms of deviation- for every appraisable work

  • Apply appraisal methodology based on benchmarks already set

  • Identify performance enhancers and deviations

  • Communicate appraisal feedback to the benefit of the individual and to the benefit of the organisation.

  • Ignite the inspiring fire in your people through authentic feedback

Performance appraisal feedback package
Performance Appraisal Feedback Package

  • Participate from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere

  • No need to be away from your family or work station

  • Save on accommodation and travel cost, use the savings to sponsor more people from your organisation

  • LIVE and interactive online classes + Access to class recordings

  • Courseware: PPTs + Docs + PDFs

  • Workbook and Reading materials

  • Online tests

  • Certificate of participation

  • All at Rs.3,750 per participant (Inclusive of all taxes)

  • No compromise on quality of delivery

Registration procedure
Registration Procedure

No of seats is restricted and will be allotted on first come, first served basis.

Registration closes on 25th February 2014 – applications received after this date will be admitted for the next batch.

Fill the application form and submit online

Pay online in favour of Zeb Waturuocha : Contact for bank details for online payment

As soon as your payment and application form is received, a log in id will be issued to you for participation in the programme.

For application, just write your name, organisation, designation, email id and phone number as also 3 reasons why you want to attend this programme. Please submit the same online with details of payment to reach us on or before 25th February 2014.

About the course instructor
About the course instructor:

Zeb O. Waturuocha, Ph.D. is a highly motivated, creative, versatile, professional trainer with

more 20 years experience in training and facilitating growth of individuals and organizations.

He is skilled in building effective and productive intra and inter- personal working

Relationships among teams.

He has created and facilitated several online classes including Facilitating Adult Learning,

Team Leadership Management.

Zeb is the Principal at auiLearNet and Center for Emotional Literacy and Leadership. His

online classes have been well attended and appreciated by many. For more information

about Dr Zeb, please log on or contact him at