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Faithful and Fruitful

Faithful and Fruitful. 2005 Mission Share Receipts. Millions Dollars. $452,000. 5 Year MS Receipts. Millions Dollars. Mission Share Payment Percentage. % of Mission Shares Received. **Mission Shared 5% less. Implications. 2006 CCFA has approved $543,680 reduction in MS expenses

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Faithful and Fruitful

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  1. Faithful and Fruitful

  2. 2005 Mission Share Receipts Millions Dollars $452,000

  3. 5 Year MS Receipts Millions Dollars

  4. Mission Share Payment Percentage % of Mission Shares Received **Mission Shared 5% less

  5. Implications • 2006 • CCFA has approved $543,680 reduction in MS expenses • 9.9% Conference Benevolence/Mission • 9.2% World Service/General Church Apportionments • 69.9% Ministerial Support • 10.9% Administration • Clergy Pension/Benefit Cost account for 45% of MS expenditures

  6. Implications • 2007 & Beyond • Further reduction in MS expenses budgeted (given downward receipt trend line) • Ministerial Support will increase to estimated 75% in ’07 • Ministerial Pension/Benefit costs increase to estimated 55% in ’07 • By 2009, 90% of MS expenditures will be for Ministerial Support • By 2009, Pension/Benefit costs will represent 75% of MS expenditures

  7. Retiree Health Insurance Millions Dollar

  8. Active Pension/Benefit Costs Millions Dollars

  9. Faithful and Fruitful

  10. Mission Share Calculation(Hold this slide, do not show) 33% CMS 2004 24% CMS 2005 12

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