Make Your Home Beautiful With Small And Large
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Make Your Home Beautiful With Small And Large Pouffes From Footstool And More UK - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Make your home beautiful with small and large pouffes from footstool and more uk

Make Your Home Beautiful With Small And Large

Pouffes From Footstool And More UK

Pouffes are the new form of furniture items that also serve the purpose of storing portable

items. In this regard, Footstool And More has launched new range of pouffes.

United Kingdom -- -- Oct 20, 2016 -- In the last few years,

there has been tremendous rise in the demand of Pouffes, and it is mainly due to the

fact that more and more people have started living in apartments. Owing to the lack

of space at the entry door, it becomes essential to find an easy solution for the storage

of shoes, umbrellas, coats, and other similar items. Sensing the market's need,

Footstool And More has come up with new array of small and large pouffes. It is a

UK based company, and there are wide ranges of furniture this company deal in.

During a recent press conference, the spokesperson of Footstool And More said, "We

are highly delighted to reveal the new range of pouffes or all sizes. We all know how

efficient and comfortable the pouffes are, and this is the reason why decided to

include some excitingly new designs to our existing collection. In the new designs,

we have tried adding more practicality to the design of the pouffes, and our

customers are surely going to love it."

He also added, "When it comes to home interior decoration then most of the

decorators these days include pouffes. After all, these unique pieces of furniture are

not only stylish and comfortable, but highly functional as well. Serving as an

excellent option for storage, the pouffes we design and manufacture will surely help

you save a lot of space in your living area. Your guests will surely get an impression

of your fine taste and wise selection of furniture."

Since last few years, the pouffes are being utilised for seating as well as storage

purposes. Looks quite similar to that of ottomans, a pouffe can make your drawing

room or hall more interesting in terms of home décor. Another major aspect of the

pouffes is that they can easily blend with almost any kind of home decoration. Even

though there is no dearth of pouffes in the market, but adding variety in terms of size

will surely attract more and more customers.

The company's plan to include pouffes of various sizes may turn out to be highly

successful, because people living in the apartments would find the small size pouffes

to be highly apt for their living space. With wide range of colours to choose from,

customers are surely going to love the whole assortment. It would be interesting to

see how the existing base of customers would respond to the new collection of


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Make your home beautiful with small and large pouffes from footstool and more uk

Footstool And More is a UK-based company that deals in wide range of storage

based furniture items. To know more about their products, you can visit You can also call them at 0113 345 7526.

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Footstools and More

Unit 5C, Oak Mill

Topcliffe Lane

Morley, Leeds

West Yorkshire

LS27 0HL


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Name: Mark Hazelgrave

Company: Footstools & More

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