amazing tips to control hair fall naturally n.
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Amazing Tips to Control Hair Fall Naturally PowerPoint Presentation
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Amazing Tips to Control Hair Fall Naturally

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Amazing Tips to Control Hair Fall Naturally - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A beautiful persona comes complimentary with a beautiful hair.want to know remedial measures for the prevention of hair loss are......for more information please visit

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Amazing Tips to Control Hair Fall Naturally

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    1. Amazing Tips to Control Hair Fall Naturally / myhomehealthtips

    2. A beautiful persona comes complimentary with good looks and good looks come along with beautiful hair. Lately, hair loss problem has been growing at an alarming rate among the people. Hair loss results from various factors like environmental effects, aging, smoking, nutritional efficiencies, hormonal imbalance and much more. In general, the hair loss rate is 50 to 100 strands per day but when it exceeds this value, it is high time for some action to be taken until it leads to something that any of us would not like to happen. / myhomehealthtips

    3. Some remedial measures that can be adopted for the Control hair Fall are: • Massage Scalp with a Proper Hair Oil • Apply Methi Paste • Consume more Amla • Apply Aloe vera Gel • Licorice root mixed with milk and saffron • Chinese hibiscus • Beetroots and coconut milk / myhomehealthtips

    4. 1. Massage Scalp with a Proper Hair Oil Proper massage of the scalp with the perfect hair oil that suits you enhances blood flow to the hair roots thereby increasing their strength. Coconut oil, almond oil, amla oil better accompanied with few drops of rosemary essential can be used for the scalp massage. Weekly once is preferable. / myhomehealthtips

    5. 2. Apply MethiPaste Methi or fenugreek contain hormone antecedents that assist in hair growth and rebuild hair follicles. Applying the paste of fenugreek on every morning helps to enhance hair growth.for fenugreek paste, Soak them overnight and grind. Preferable to use daily for a month. / myhomehealthtips

    6. 3. Consume more Amla The deficiency of vitamin C in the body can result in hair loss. Vitamin C is present in amla along with the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial properties help in maintaining a healthy scalp. / myhomehealthtips

    7. 4. Apply Aloe veraGel The alkalizing properties of the aloe vera help in balancing the ph level of the scalp which in turn promotes a healthy hair growth. The enzymes in aloe vera also boost hair growth. Apply this as gel or juice on the scalp and washing off with lukewarm water. Preferable to use weekly thrice. / myhomehealthtips

    8. 5. Licoriceroot mixed with milk and saffron Apply the paste of Licorice root mixed with milk and saffron on the bald patches and left overnight. It helps in opening the pores and get rid of irritations due to dry flakes. Preferable to use weekly twice. / myhomehealthtips

    9. 6. Chinese hibiscus It enhances hair growth, cures dandruff, prevents split ends and thickens hair. For best results apply with coconut oil after necessary processing. / myhomehealthtips

    10. 7. Beetroots and coconut milk They also help in proper hair growth. However before taking any of these measures one should ensure that he is not allergic to the material used. / myhomehealthtips

    11. Website - Facebook – Health Tips /Healthy Foods / Summer Diet / Summer Foods / Summer Season Health Tips / Sunny Day Diet / myhomehealthtips