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Bren School Group Project Financial Managers’ Meeting

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Bren School Group Project Financial Managers’ Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bren School Group Project Financial Managers’ Meeting. Bren Financial & Operations Team Members. Kim Fugate Financial & Operations Manager Bren 2516, x3540 Frank Soares Payroll/Travel Coordinator Bren 2522, x6114 Connie Fourqurean Purchasing Coordinator Bren 2522, x6114 Sage Davis

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Presentation Transcript
bren financial operations team members
Bren Financial & Operations Team Members

Kim Fugate

Financial & Operations Manager

Bren 2516, x3540

Frank Soares

Payroll/Travel Coordinator

Bren 2522, x6114

Connie Fourqurean

Purchasing Coordinator

Bren 2522, x6114

Sage Davis

Building Manager

Bren 1016, Cell 805-448-0028

  • Each Group Project is provide a total budget of $1,500 (State funded).
    • $1,300 for supplies, materials, travel, etc.
    • $200 for Bren Printing (photocopying and printer quota)
  • Printing Funds
    • Group will decide on allocation of printer funds. e.g one designate assigned to print, or two designates. Funds will be allocated to each member’s personal printing account.
    • Contact Connie at to request printing funds allocation and copier codes.
    • Printing and photocopying is: .05 cents/page.
    • Financial Manager must track copies within budget; overdraft by designate are routed to personal BARC accounts.
funding cont d
Funding cont’d
  • Extramural Funding – Three Types
    • Paid Direct
      • Funds given directly to group project for use
      • Client pays for expenditures like travel
      • No contract required to receive funding
funding cont d1
Funding cont’d
  • Gifts
    • Funds given to UCSB with general direction for use
    • No Deliverables
    • Generally unrestricted uses
    • No contract required to receive funding
    • DO NOT contact donors directly. Communication with donors is made by the Development Team – Jennifer Deacon
funding cont d2
Funding cont’d
  • Contracts and Grants
    • Funds given to UCSB with specific stipulations
    • Deliverables – Progress reports and findings
    • Funding uses restricted by contract and university C & G rules
    • Official university signature and approval from the Office of Research required to accept funding
    • All C & G activities run through the Financial Team – Kim Fugate
    • Potential Indirect Cost
funding cont d3
Funding cont’d
  • You are not authorized to sign anything or enter into any agreements on behalf of the University of California!
  • This includes Memos of Understanding, Confidentiality Agreements, Non Disclosure Agreements
  • Purchase Orders
    • UCSB uses Purchase orders (PO’s) for the bulk of purchases
    • PO requests can be made using the online order form on the Bren Website
    • Orders are placed by the Financial Team. The requestor is notified when the item has arrived
    • PO’s can be given directly to the purchaser for use locally
    • UCSB Credit Card – a.k.a “FlexCard” can be an option.
purchasing cont d
Purchasing cont’d
  • Reimbursements
    • Purchasing GP materials and then getting reimbursed is allowed but generally discouraged
    • Original receipts are required for all expense claims
    • Submit original receipts noting what the expense was for and what Project Code to charge.
    • Lost Discounts are not reimbursable
    • Reimbursements must be signed by the Financial Manager

  • Allowable Expenses
    • Transportation
      • Airfare – economy only
      • Train/Bus/Taxi (no limo service)
      • Rental Car and Gas – Deny insurance coverage
      • Personal Car Mileage – Currently $0.555 per mile
    • Hotel
    • Food
      • Domestic – up to $64 for a 24 hour period, with original itemized receipt(s)
      • International – Per diem per State Dept website
    • Conference Registration
    • Parking
    • Names must appear on all receipts (including meal receipts)
travel cont d
Travel cont’d
  • Non-allowable Expenses
    • Alcohol (state funds)
    • Personal Entertainment
    • Limos/Hotel Suites/First Class Airfare, upgrades non-refundable
    • Internet Package Deals
  • Travel Reimbursement Worksheets
    • Domestic
    • Foreign
  • Travel must take place prior to reimbursement

Turnaround time for checks ~ 4-6 weeks

travel cont d1
Travel cont’d
  • Travel Advances
    • 2 Weeks to process
    • Check sent to address indicated on form
    • Must submit travel voucher when trip is completed and no later than 30 days upon completion of travel
    • Travel Advance Worksheet
  • Booking as a group – Meals, Hotels, Flights
  • UC Travel Center
  • Direct Billing – Local Hotels
  • UCSB Transportation Services

  • Provide meals at business meetings
    • Light refreshments and simple meals are allowable
      • Bagels and Coffee
      • Light Lunch
    • Only to be used for entertaining clients from off campus
    • Not for celebratory events
    • Check with Finance Team for donor funds!
entertainment cont d
Entertainment cont’d
  • Documentation
    • Itemized Receipt
    • Names of attendees – everyone
    • Affiliation
    • Reason for business meeting
  • Use the form – Business Meeting/Entertainment Worksheet
  • Entertainment is always an out of pocket reimbursement
  • Hiring someone to work for your Group
    • Editing
    • Compiling Research
    • Surveys
  • Questions we have to ask
    • Are they legally allowed to work in the US?
    • Do they already work elsewhere on campus?
    • Do they have a SSN or ITIN?
    • Should they be a contract employee?
  • Talk to us before offering anyone a job!
contracts for services
Contracts for Services
  • Personal Services Agreements
    • Business Services
      • Request for Services doc
      • At least 2 weeks in advance
      • Insurance requirements
      • Plan way in advance!
    • Letter Agreement
      • Small total cost
      • Done in Bren
  • Arms Length Policy = No Friends/Family/Co-workers
  • Must be eligible to work in US
phone codes
Phone Codes
  • Authorization Code
    • Five digit code for calling off campus
    • Can be used from any UCSB phone
    • All costs for making calls charged to your GP code
    • Use for conference calls
    • Billed in arrears
parking permits
Parking Permits
  • Four Kinds
    • Guest Parking - $8/day – Park in student/visitors lots. Closest Mesa Parking Structure (lot 18). Permits Picked up at Info Kiosk.
    • VIP Permits - $10/day – Park in any faculty/staff/student lot – Closest Bren Lot. Permits Picked up at Info Kiosk
    • Reserved Space - $30/day – Specific parking space reserved in any lot.
    • All parking permits must be requested through the Financial Team.
bren website
Bren Website

All forms and information can be found on the Bren website under the Financial Services tab at the top and then Administration.

  • The Group Project Financial Manager doesn’t have to do everything financial
  • Come See Us First