Oh, I come from a land From a faraway place
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Oh, I come from a land From a faraway place噢~我來自一個遙遠的國度 Where the caravan camels roam一個駱駝商隊絡繹不絕之地 Where it‘s flat and immense and the heat is intense 那兒平坦寬廣、無邊無際、炙熱難挨It’s barbaric, but hey, it‘s home是蠻荒之地,卻也是我可愛的家 When the wind’s from the east And the sun‘s from the west 當風從東邊刮來,日打西邊升起

Come on down, stop on by, hop a carpet and fly 來吧、來這裡,跳上魔毯飛的遠遠地To another Arabian night 開啟另一頁天方夜譚 Arabian nights 阿拉伯之夜 Like Arabian days 就像阿拉伯的白天 More often than not Are hotter than hot 熱情如火 In a lot of good ways 有許多你想不到的美妙

Arabian nights 阿拉伯之夜‘Neath Arabian moons 沉浸在阿拉伯的月光下 A fool off his guard could fall and fall hard 不當心的傻子可能會重重地跌下Out there on the dunes 消失在那片沙丘中Ah, salaam, and good evening to you, worthy friend.幸會幸會,晚上好,我可敬的朋友

Please, please, come closer.來來,你可以再靠近一點Too close. A little too close.太近了!!有點太近…There.這樣剛好Welcome to Agrabah   歡迎來到阿格拉巴City of mystery  神秘之都

Of enchantment 能夠迷惑世人And the finest merchandise this side of the river Jordan, on sale today. 約旦河邊最好的貨,今天賠本出清Come on down. 跳樓大拍賣Look at this. Yes. 看看這個Combination hookah and coffeemaker, also makes julienne fries.身兼水煙筒和咖啡機,切馬鈴薯也難不倒它

Will not break, will not... 它摔不壞、它摔…It broke…壞了Ohh! Look at this. 噢!再看這個 I have never seen one of these intact before. 我從沒看過它如此完美無缺This is the famous Dead Sea Tupperware.死海絕版保鮮盒

Listen. Ah, still good. 聽那聲音,啊~正點 Wait, don‘t go. 等等,別走嘛! I can see that you’re only interested in the exceptionally rare. 看得出來你只對稀世珍寶感興趣 I think, then, you would be most rewarded to consider this. 看看這個,你真是撿到寶了Do not be fooled by its commonplace appearance.別被他的平凡的外表給騙了

Like so many things, it is not what is outside, but what is inside that counts. 就如同世間道理,外表誰管他,重點是內在This is no ordinary lamp. 這可不是盞『省油』的燈 It once changed the course of a young man‘s life. 有個少年的一生因它改變A young man who, like this lamp, was more than what he seemed. 那少年,如同這盞燈一樣,深藏不露The diamond in the rough.就像塊璞玉

Perhaps you would like to hear the tale? inside that counts. 跟你說個故事It begins on a dark night …where a dark man waits with a dark purpose.這是生在個漆黑之夜,一名心懷不軌的男子隱身於黑暗之中...