welcome lcra firm water customer meeting october 27 2011 n.
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Welcome LCRA Firm Water Customer Meeting October 27, 2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome LCRA Firm Water Customer Meeting October 27, 2011

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Welcome LCRA Firm Water Customer Meeting October 27, 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome LCRA Firm Water Customer Meeting October 27, 2011. Pro Rata Curtailment Process Gail Oliver, Manager, External Relations. October 27, 2011. Objectives. Brief history of rules and plan Key elements of pro rata curtailment Timeline for completing customer curtailment plans.

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  • Brief history of rules and plan
  • Key elements of pro rata curtailment
  • Timeline for completing customer curtailment plans
origin of pro rata curtailment
Origin of Pro Rata Curtailment
  • Texas Water Code – used in times of shortages
  • Included in all LCRA Water Management Plans, beginning in 1989
  • Only in a drought worse than Drought of Record
  • Rules drafted in 2009-2010, with input gathered at customer meetings.
  • LCRA Board approved rules in June, 2010.
pro rata rules and plan
Pro Rata Rules and Plan
  • LCRA Water Management Plan requires LCRA to submit a “pro rata curtailment plan” to TCEQ for approval
  • Pro rata plan approved by Board in October 2011 is consistent with the pro rata rules
pro rata water reduction determination
Pro Rata Water Reduction Determination
  • Determine Reference Year
    • must be a recent dry year
    • need not be a calendar year
  • From Reference Year, customer baseline amount determined
  • Customer annual allotment = 20% reduction of baseline amount
potential changes in customer allotments
Potential changes in Customer Allotments
  • Modification to the Baseline Amount
    • Quantifiable conservation measure savings
    • Growth, outage, other documented reason
  • Variance in % of water curtailed
    • Emergency condition threatening public health, welfare and safety
    • Evaluated on a case-by-case basis
customer curtailment plan includes three elements
Customer Curtailment Plan:Includes Three Elements

1. Customer annual allotment

2. Drought Coordinator

3. Specific measures implemented to achieve curtailment

other rule elements
Other Rule Elements
  • Trading
  • Incentives
  • Ending of pro rata curtailment
  • Increase in pro rata reduction amount
  • LCRA will provide quarterly updates, notify customer of any exceedence
  • Surcharges – two to 10 times current firm water rate, depending upon magnitude of exceedence
  • Implementation of measures shall not excuse customer’s failure to achieve annual allotment
process and timeline
Process and Timeline
  •  LCRA notifies customers within 6 months of potential for curtailment
  • LCRA mails customer allocations
  • Customers may request modifications for conservation, growth or other reasons
process and timeline1
Process and Timeline
  • Customers submit curtailment plans
  • and may request temporary health and safety variances
  • LCRA accepts customercurtailment plans
  • If DWDR criteria met, Board orders curtailment
  • Customers implement plans
lcra resources
LCRA Resources
  • Handouts from meeting
  • www.lcra.org/prorata : forms, rules, presentations from meetings
  • LCRA staff – available for meeting one-on-one, in person or over phone
final notes
Final Notes
  • All interruptible water would ceasebefore pro rata curtailment could begin.
  • While we hope and pray for the best, we are preparing for the possibility of pro rata curtailment.
  • We ask that you do so as well.
  • We are here to help you.