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Helen Keller By Kalyn Argast. When she was two years old she could not hear, see, or speak . She cut her friend’s hair off. When she was 2 years old she became very sick. Anne Frank By Keira Ballein. She was hiding in an Annex. Soldiers found her and one saved her diary .

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Helen keller by kalyn argast

Helen KellerBy Kalyn Argast

When she was two years old she could not hear, see, or speak.

She cut her friend’s hair off.

When she was 2 years old she became very sick.

Anne frank by keira ballein

Anne FrankBy KeiraBallein

She was hiding in an Annex.

Soldiers found her and one saved her diary.

She had a diary that was published

Florence nightingale

By Carson Bigham


She was in the Crimean War.

In the Crimean , Nightingale was able to get officers to accept her and her band of nurses.

In 1853, Florence became the director of a small charitable hospital in London.

Nancy lopez

By Emma Bosser

Nancy Lopez

She has 48 tour victories.

She was the LPGA tour player of the year in 1978,1979,1985,1989.

Lopez is the only golfer to win LPGA rookie of the year ,player of the year, and the Vare Trophy in the same season [1978.]

Annie oakley

By Blayc Cruit

Annie Oakley

Annie was the most popular person I have read about.

She won the contest and she got the trophy.

Annie is a good aimer. She did not miss anything.

Annie’s dad died when she was 9 years old and that was so sad.

But she is still good.

Florence nightingale by jazmine davis

Florence NightingaleBy Jazmine Davis

The interesting thing is that she cared about people who were sick, had diseases, and who were hurt very badly.

It was interesting that she helped people in the Crimean War.

It was interesting because when she was little she was learning how to be a nurse.

Lou Gehrig

By Clarice Farley

He’s a Yankee Baseball player.

When he was in the fifth grade he and his mom had to get a job.

When he was a little, the kids would make fun of him because he dressed in a different style.

Deborah sampson by kobe fetty

Deborah SampsonBy Kobe Fetty

No body knew her secret-- she was a women dressed like a man in the army.

Her mom was poor and she had to give Deborah away.

Deborah’s dad died in a shipwreck. Americans dressed up as Indians and went on to ships and stole tea.

James madison by makayla frank

James MadisonBy Makayla Frank

He was a president and he had a wife.

Dolley Payne Todd-a widow when she married Madison.

She was a well-liked hostess through-out Jefferson’s and madsion’s time in office.

He lived to be 85 years old. He had no children, only a stepson.

Michael Phelps

By Leila Linker

The seventh race, the final of the 100 METTER BUTTERFLY, WAS the last one Michael


U.S. swimmer Michael more than met the world’s expectations at the 2008 Olympic

Games. He won 7 gold medals.

His birthday is 3days after mine.

Clara barton by abigail meadows

Clara BartonBy Abigail Meadows

Clara Barton was famous because she helped people in the army.

Clara Barton was brave to walk during the war.

She took care of a lot of soldiers during the war.

Annie oakley1

By Madison Patrick

Annie Oakley

Annie Oakley was famous because Annie can shoot better than a guy. Annie can shoot upside down ,she can shoot backwards when she is looking in a mirror, and she can shoot a glass ball and bust into one thousand pieces. Annie can also shoot a card in the center of it and turn it and shoot it into two, she can also try to get a direct hit almost every time, the best thing is that she can burn out a match that is in the princes mouth by shooting a gun.

Harriet tubman

By Danielle Russell

Harriet Tubman

She got more than 300 people out of slavery.

She was an advocate for women’s suffrage.

She worked with the underground railroad, civil war service

Andrew jackson by tony sanchez

Andrew JacksonBy Tony Sanchez

His nick name was old Hickory because he kept fighting after he got hurt. He was tough.

He began law school at Salisbury North Carolina.

He defeated the British in the battle of New Orlean‘s.

Helen keller

Helen Keller

She was blind and did lots of stuff and she learned how to talk.

She went to a teacher that was blind too and she taught her to talk. She put water on her hand and signed something and Helen understood.  

Her teacher Anne Sullivan taught Helen to read by feeling

A bunch of raised dots called Braille.

By Hannah Sells

Tiger woods by ricky smith

Tiger WoodsBy Ricky Smith

Tiger is a great golfer.

He won the Disney

Classic and he won three U.S Amateurs.

Tiger was the youngest ever to play golf.

Booker t w ashington by chris sowards

Booker T. W ashingtonBy Chris Sowards

His stepfather ‘s name was Washington.

He was married 3 times.

He was an African-American.

Helen keller by josi sparks

Helen KellerBy Josi Sparks

She could live for 50 years without dying.

Helen Keller was blind and deaf when she was two.

Her parents felt bad except Helens brother James.

Helen locked her mother in the pantry for two hours and felt the pounding on her back and Helen thought it was funny.

Her mother got saved and she was alright.


Thurgood Marshall

By Bethannie Cleek

Born July 21, 1908

Died January 29, 1993

Changed some of the Civil Rights Laws

Graduated from College