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FEVER. 1793. Written by: Laurie Halse Anderson Powerpoint by: Alexis Pappas. Author: Laurie Halse Anderson.

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  1. FEVER 1793 Written by: Laurie Halse Anderson Powerpoint by: Alexis Pappas

  2. Author: Laurie Halse Anderson Laurie Halse Anderson was born on October 23, 1961 in New York. Laurie's full name is Laurie Beth Halse. As a child she started to enjoy writing. In second grade a teacher captured her interest by teaching her a haiku lesson. Laurie imagined she would become a doctor when she was older; Laurie did not want to be a writer at the time. Laurie started working at the clothing store, for minimum wage. While working at the clothing store she realized that she wanted to go to college. Laurie graduated from Georgetown University, in 1984. Laurie had enjoyed writing, but had never considered writing except as a hobby. She eventually discovered that people would pay her to write, so Laurie became a freelance reporter and started write all types of books.

  3. Author: Laurie Halse Anderson Laurie joined the Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators. In 1996, Laurie's first book came out called "Ndito Runs". Later Laurie also wrote "Turkey Pox", and "No Time for Mother's Day". Laurie also started writing no-fiction jut for extra cash. But Laurie was still trying hard to finish one of the greatest books she's wrote yet called Fever 1793, however Laurie was about to name the book Bitter Drops. However Laurie was so stuck on the book Fever trying to finish and everything that Laurie just stopped writing Fever for a few months and moved on to another book she was writing called Speak. Which turned out great in the end because Speak won an award after award, Speak was a National Book Award Finalist, A Pritz Honor book. One of New York Times best seller! After that Laurie finally finished Fever 1793, Fever got published in 2000. That’s also when Laurie started to write the series of books called Wild at Heart. Fever is one of her most famous books.

  4. Other Books by this Author: • Speak (1999) • Fever 1793 (2000) • Catalyst (2002) • Prom (2005) • Twisted (2007) • Wintergirls (2009)

  5. Plot: Fever 1793 storyline is set in Philadelphia in the late 1700’s. The story is about a young fourteen year old girl named Matilda and the struggles she faces during the Yellow Fever Plague that hits the city in 1793. Matilda lives with her mother and grandfather in a Coffeehouse that her father built. The African American cook who works at the coffeehouse who is names Eliza is like a second mother to her. The family starts to hear that yellow fever is going around Philadelphia. Matilda’s mother sadly gets really sick with yellow fever. Her mother wants her to get away and go to the country side were there is fresh air and food. Matilda’s Grandfather hires a farmer’s carriage to take them out of town. As the enter the next town miles away they are met by men on horses who turn them away claiming Grandfather is sick. The farmer driving the carriage kicks them off and goes on his way. Matilda and Grandfather have no choice but to head back to Philadelphia. Matilda falls ill to yellow fever and cannot walk the journey home. When they arrive to the coffeehouse nether Eliza or Matilda’s mother are there. After Grandfather and Matilda fall fast asleep one night and robbers break into the coffeehouse. Life was very difficult during these trying times. Matilda was wandering the streets one day and found a girl named Nell alone without a mother, as her mom fell victim to fever. Matilda took the girl and finally found Eliza and together they both took care of Nell. Not to spoil the end of the story, I highly recommend reading this book you won’t want to put it down.

  6. Meet Main Character Matilda • Her nickname is Mattie • She is a teenager • She lives with her mother at Coffeehouse • Her friend is Polly • She likes Nathaniel • She had yellow fever • She is a strong girl

  7. Other Characters: • Mother • Eliza • Grandfather • Nell • Nathaniel Benson

  8. Conflict: • Summer Heat is intense • Yellow Fever has broken out in the city • People are fleeing to the countryside • Farmers will not come to town to sell goods

  9. Setting: Philadelphia in 1793

  10. Philadelphia in 1793 was on of the wealthiest cities in America

  11. YELLOW FEVER Yellow Fever – Plague 1793 Symptoms : high fever, nausea, black vomit, lethargy, and delerium,yellow skin coloration.

  12. Timeline of Story: August 16, 1793 December 11, 1793

  13. Historical Figures mentioned in this book: George Washington Thomas Jefferson

  14. First Hot Air Balloon takes of January 9,1973 Created by French Aeronaut Jean Pierre Blanchard

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