scene by scene breakdown of my film n.
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Scene by scene breakdown of My film

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Scene by scene breakdown of My film - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Scene by scene breakdown of My film . Just a quick note.

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just a quick note
Just a quick note
  • I thought it was important to quickly establish the layout of the PowerPoint. This will not be a PowerPoint which talks about camera angles and effects. Instead it will be more focussed on the narrative of my film. And where the story moves from scene to scene.
  • Therefore I will talk about setting and the characters and there mood etc. But I will not be discussing in depth about camera angles and effects (Though I might mention them slightly), these are the types of things that I will explore further in later posts.
important points
Important points
  • Firstly one important aspect to establish before reading this document is that the brothers themselves at this point have no names.
  • This is a deliberate ploy by me to attach less identity to the brothers to again reinforce the idea that the death of their mother has affected them so much that they have completely lost themselves (therefore no name).
  • Moreover another interpretation is that by not giving the protagonists names it could be argued that it attaches less individuality to the characters therefore people in similar positions could empathize with the characters as they will be remembered for their actions and emotions not their names.
scene 1
Scene 1
  • The film will open up with a fairly ambiguous scene of the older brother jogging through a country lane at a very early hour in the morning.
  • The scene won’t last for very long maybe 10-15 seconds at most. I want to keep it short and sweet just to make the opening to the film seem slightly mysterious.
  • Setting: In this scene setting is vital! I already know the area I am going to use to film. It is a very open country lane but it also looks dead and desolate. Also I think that I must make sure the time I film is right I want to enforce the idea that he is jogging at a very early hour in the morning (3-4 AM). To add more mysterious and ambiguous facets to my film as that is a very adnormal time to go jogging.
scene 2
Scene 2
  • Scene two will open with an extreme close up or ‘Clint Squint’ of the older brother again, the camera will slowly zoom out and establish the social setting whilst the voice over (As stated in other documents) “Mother died today…” will run over this scene
  • Setting: The setting for this scene will be outdoors, a park bench in a run down area.
scene 3
Scene 3
  • This scene will establish the inside of the flat where the brothers live. The scene will open with a shot of the other brother in the bathroom threatening to self harm. – Again I want this scene to be very eerie. Then the older brother will enter and the two will have an exchange of dialogue where there will be a number of flashbacks in which the backstory of how their mother was killed will be revealed.
scene 4 flashbacks
Scene 4 (Flashbacks)
  • Scene 4 will very much be used in combination with scenes 3 and 5. Scene 4 will combine a variety of flashbacks of how their mother died but from the perspective of her killer (the antagonist).
  • I will get various close up shots of pints of larger and then the transition into empty glasses. Then a shot of the antagonist reaching to get into his car.
scene 5
Scene 5
  • This will be a scene that is mixed in closely with scene 4. This will be a compilation of shots similar to scene 1 of the brothers running a sort of mish- mash of shots with some music to accompany the scene.
  • Setting: again setting is key, I am keen to use similar styled settings as scene 1. Mostly old country lanes and abandoned/ uncared fields.
scene 6
Scene 6
  • This scene will be in the brothers flat where they will discuss openly about how completely devastated they are by the death of their mother. The dialogue will get fairly heated until the brothers realise they shouldn’t be fighting amongst themselves. They need closure so they decide to go to their mothers killers house.
scene 7
Scene 7
  • This scene will form the climax to the film. The brothers will arrive at the antagonists house and soon after the antagonist will arrive drunk and having driven home. The antagonist will then aggressively slur a reference to the boys mother and a fight will break out on the front garden.
  • Whilst there is a short fight I will insert an aggressive piece of music to further accentuate the impact of the fight scene.
  • The scene will climax when in the heat of the fight the younger brother picks up a beer bottle that is left on the grass and then the scene suddenly cuts.
scene 8
Scene 8
  • Will be the closing scene where it will be a scene parallel to the opening scene. In the same setting as the opening scene with the brothers running. However this time not simply running from their fears but also running from the law.